Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Video posts

Hello meowmeows! 😃
How have you been???
I've been doing great actually! 
Really really happy with my life right now!! 😝
(Well kinda except the fact that my school is starting this thursday. Sighpie 😢)

Anyway I'm like blogging through my new laptop, using the tablet function so I'm still getting the hang of it. 
(bimbo moment ok)

Since I haven't done a RECOMMENDED VIDEO OF THE WEEK, this post would include all the videos I have recently uploaded in youtube!
Hahaha, I'm sorry for those who have already seen it though. 
Please do support me!
Share, like and comment on it!!!!!!
I would really appreciate it man! 

To be honest I'm starting to like making videos again!
And the funny thing is that I really enjoy editing them! 
I hope my videos aren't too boring though☹

Ok ok enough talking!
Here are the videos~

Birthday Vlog Part 1!

Birthday Vlog Part 2!

Birthday Vlog Part 3!

Spending my birthday at the Aquarium! 

Birthday Presents and Cards Part 1!

Stay tuned to many more videos to come okay!
I still have Part 2 for my Birthday Presents and Cards video and also another vlog from Hello Kitty Town!

I really appreciate you guys watching it!
Big kisses from me to you!
Here's a POMT!
Haven't been doing this for a while eh...
Literally taken an hour back or so. 
Tired from a whole day out... 
First few new pictures taken from my laptop!
I'm going to name my laptop something cute!
If you guys didn't know my previous laptop is called Boxxy. 
(inside joke, got to do with an annoying youtuber called Boxxy) 

Maybe I should name it cupcakes!
(lame shay is lame)

So that's all for now!
Remember to love and be kind to one another ok!


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