Thursday, July 04, 2013

Birthday Celebration Part 2

Hi Guys!
*Warning, this post contains a ton loads of photos!*
I really hope you guys like this post because it took me a while to edit all the photos. 
I almost died editing I swear. 
ヾ(×× ) ツ
Also the birthday vlogs would all be up after I upload it so stay tuned!!!

Before I start, here's the 
recommended music of the week!
I guess you can listen to the song while reading this post

Alone by Sleeping With Sirens ft MGK

My favourite part would have to be MGK part, I don't know why though. The lyrics are just on point! 

Leave me? How the fuck you gonna leave me? When I'm the one that's on TV, with these girls screaming outside with my CD. And I'm begging? Naw baby, you're the one that can't keep me. Leave me? Girl how the fuck you gonna leave me? You know I love you, when we fight and we argue, I kiss and I hug you, you push me back, you say that I'm trouble and every Bonnie got a Clyde with her. Every woman needs somebody that's gonna ride with her. And I can't go on staying alive if I'm alone, pick up the phone and say hello, I'd rather die with her. Now my night's so cold when your heart is frozen, mine's exposed you know this. Try to blame the fame for the way I've changed, and you know those claims are bogus. Baby it's not me, it's us. Maybe now all we need is trust.Maybe this Hennessey will solve our problems, baby pick it up.
Okay, so on 29 June 2013, I held a party to celebrate my birthday!
I invited some of my very close friends and the theme was Indie Princess. 
I don't really know if we were really indie but lets just say we recreated Indie. 

Indie Princess recreated by Shaymeowmeow. 
 \(^ ^)/
So the party was held at Park Avenue Rochester. 
Indie enough right?
It's not a mainstream hotel!
And my parents booked the suite for my friends and I!
 (it looked like a service apartment or maybe like a studio apartment!)
That's how the room look like. Sorry about the light exposure. I tried my best to edit it. 
*stupid iphone*
So as you can see there's like a kitchen area, a living room and the master bedroom!
Really gorgeous to be honest, would stay there anytime if I could! 

Anyway here's the information if you guys are thinking of a staycation or whatever. 

Here's some decorations to pimp up the room! 
Indie enough? 
( ̄ー ̄)
 Thank you Hannah, Sansan, Kakak, Subaby, Girlfriend for helping me with the balloons and specially thank you Hannah for helping me with the banner! 
I love you guys so much!

Decorating the place was bittersweet though. 
It's frustrating to find out so many balloons had holes and couldn't even blow them up, frustrating to know that my idea doesn't work in the hotel room cause the ceiling was too high but it's sweet to see all my lovelies helping me with the decorations! Thank you so so so very much! 

(wanted the room to look like this actually) 

Oh well but I still like how it turn out so not complaining much! 
Because the room is decorated with the love of all my friends 
 A must have in a party if you want to go high but not drunk!
My virgin experience with Monster and I would like to say that it taste exactly like redbull but just with juice! (so is it healthier?)
Apparently some of my friends really like it!
You know who you are! 
Emo Subaby
Nice shot eh, whoever that took this! 

 Me with my alpaca, Candy floss! 
Yes that is her name!

 My pretty girlfriend! 

 Ya la Bev you very cute la hahaha
I love you! 

 Thank you Hannah babe for taking all the pictures and videos!
I really appreciate it!
Thank Sansan for the pictures!
My pretty girls and me, the potato lol! 

Cupcakes as birthday cake!
Cupcakes bought from Plain Vanilla!
Definitely a reccommend! 
The cupcakes were all so awesome and delicious!
Sorry I don't remember the flavours I ordered because I just told the lady I wanted every flavour hahaha!

Sparkle candles!
A bit fail cause the sparkles didn't really work. 

The following photos are me with my friends and family, with the cupcakes hahaha!
*Warning, I look extremely hideous and fat and gross and I'm so sorry I'm not perfect*
But besides that, everyone look perfect as ever so... no choice have to upload. 

le family and me

☁ le primary school enemy(lol) and me

 ☁ le secondary school babes and me

 ☁ le red camp prettayees and me

☁ le poly bestest bestest sweetie and me

☁ le churchies sweethearts and me

☁ le potato

So cute ok all you guys!
I'm supposed to be the star that day but I swear, 
How to stand out like that... 

 Time to take the oh so famous pose with the birthday banner!
*Warning, this part contains personal written message to each and everyone of you. It's in no particular order or importance. You all are important to me ok!* 
Please ignore the potato looking me again 

 Dear Papa kat and Mama kat, You know how much I love you guys. 
Though sometimes my actions doesn't show. I'm so sorry about that. 
Like I said in the previous blog post, I'm forever grateful for all the things you have done in my life. 
Thanks for not only being my parents but also my friend. 
I love you both oh so much! 

 Hello pretty girl! 
Thanks so much for helping me decorate the place! I really really really appreciate it!
Thanks for having so much trust in me and also treating me like a bestfriend! 
It's funny how we have known each other for so long but only recently then we got closer!
But it's better late than never yeah! 
I love it when we hang together because we always go crazy and talk about kuku stuff and be like totally weird!
Thanks for being weird with me! 
And being ok with me being weird! 
I love you oh so much! 
Please know that I'll always be here for you!

 Dearest Joholene, 
Thanks for taking some time out of your busy busy schedule to attend my lame party! 
I love you oh so much! Heheheheh! 
You're always so cheery and positive and it's impossible to be sad around you!
Thanks for cooking fried rice for me! So yummy! 
Share the recipe please then I can cook for myself! LOL
I think I told you this before but I like repeating things because I'm naggy... 
Thanks for being there for me during my darkest period, I don't know why you chose to stick with me...
I'm stubborn and emotional and just a mess but you remain and continued being my friend. 
I forever will be grateful of that. 
Without you and Teresa being there for me, I wouldn't be even celebrating my 20th birthday this year! 
I love you ok!
Lets hang out more more often! 

 Hi hi hi hi Sansan!!!
I'm texting you while writing this to you!
Ahhhhh! Hahhaha, I don't know why so happy suddenly!
I love you so much babe! 
I will never forget our first HTHT at that Starbucks. 
I don't know why I suddenly feel like telling you so much personal stuff!
It's amazing because we weren't close at all but I have this sudden urge to just tell you everything because I simply just trust you!
Thanks for making me feel so comfortable around you!
I can totally be myself, my crazy weird self and you totally won't judge me! 
I'm so glad I have you as a friend! 
Continue to stay awesome ok! 

 Honey honey honeybaby!
You know I love you oh so much right?
Please la, hahaha you should know ok. 
You have seen me at my worst and still choose to stick with me. 
You should know I'm damn grateful for that! 
Everything I want to say I told you before so... seems like a repetition eh!
Anyway, I miss you so much! 
I know you're very busy now because you have your own life to live but please don't forget about me!
Try to meet up more often to eh! 
Thanks for the video you send me!
I'm so touched. :')
Got tear a bit eh! 
Thanks for coming down to celebrate my birthday too! 
I love you so much that these three words feels like it's not enough!

 Dear Charlene!
Thanks for coming down! I really appreciate it!!!!
I'm so sorry it's on the same day as Shanice's birthday too! I feel so bad eh! 
You should spend more time with her too!
Thanks for being an awesome friend! 
And I really miss the Sunday outings we have! 
It's so scary how all these were actually so long ago! 
Let's hang out more ok! 
We can both chill at our favourite starbucks! 
I know you very busy so please do take care of yourself! 
Remember to eat your meals regularly ok! 
So skinny already eh! 
I miss you and our HTHT session!
Soon ok! 
 (´ ▽`).。o♡

 Hello my lovely kakak!
First of all I would like to say that we are texting each other about shitting right at this very moment. 
Are you proud? 
Thanks for being so amazing and so funny!
I love how I can be so weird with you and you don't mind at all!
I love how we only know each other from ONE CLASS in ONE SEM and look at where we are right now!
I'm closer to you then any of my other classmates that I've know since year 1!
Honoured or not!
You are an amazing girl ok. Don't let any ridiculous being tell you that you aren't!
I love you for you and I wouldn't want you to change for me ok!
Lets meet up soon alright! 
I'll wait for the good news that you have found your prince charming! 
Pssst, my 11:11 wishes are mostly for you! 

 Hi girlfriend!
I'm so so so so so glad we were classmates in Sec 2 then POA classmates from sec 3 - 4! 
I'm so glad we went to red camp together and even after that we were still so close!
I'm glad you still remain as my even after that whole ahem saga in sec 2!
I love you so so much!
Thanks for letting me be weird in front of you too! 
And thanks for letting me be me in front of you!
I love it when you rant to me about people because though you are irritated/pissed off but to me you look so cute!
That's why you my beloved girlfriend!
Love you! 

 Dearest meimei, 
Twinsie! See even your mum says we look alike now!
That's a good thing for me! That means I look pretty like you!
Hope you don't mind though!
You don't roll your eyes hor! 
See I know you so well!
Anyway babe it's so amazing how we got closer and closer year to year!
I thank God you join GB instead of some sports cca! HAHAHHA
You join GB then meet me mah! So it isn't actually that bad!
Anyway I love you so much! Thanks for always being there for me when I need someone!
Thanks for being so so understanding too!
Though we are different (in the way we think about some stuff) but you are very open minded and accepting! 
That's what I love about you so much!
Hope you can find a job soon but that means cannot meet so often already... 

 Hello Subaby!
My pretty pretty friend!
Why you so so so so so pretty eh!
I supposed to stand out ley! That day was my day ok! 
But you still look so pretty even if you didn't put any effort. 
I love you still!
So crazy how we remain friends after all these years!
Remember those history lessons we have?
I'm so sorry I was so retarded eh! 
Then you cannot concentrate in class because of me!
Then we went to red camp together which was amazing! 
I love you so much! 
Please know that you are never alone ok! 
Talk to me if you need someone!
(I know you have a lot of friends eh but I'm still here for you hehehe)
 Hang out soon too ok busy popular girl! 

Yo thought I forget about you right...
Hehehhe hello bevvvvvvv!
I'm so glad we got closer recently!
It's so amazing because you are a great person and I'm so lucky to know you!
You do know that you are amazing right!
Thanks for being there for me!
A long long time ago, remember that period of time when you will text me and ask me if I was ok? 
Do you remember that?
(confirm forget already... but I still remember!)
Well, you don't know this but what you did that time really save my life. 
Thank you so much.
 Please stay cute and weird hahahah
I love you! 

Found one of the cutest photo ever taken in my camera!
Thanks to whoever that took this!
I really love this shot!

One group photo! (without bev T.T)

One of the many gifts I received! 
Thanks so much guys!
Sorry I didn't take a picture of the rest! 
I promise I will upload a video on me reading your cards. 
So you can have "real life reaction"
Anyway this is Candy Floss and Marshmellow! 
I'm sure you guys know who is who!

New friendship band!
Guess which one!

Polaroids among the polaroids! 
You all so pretty!
 I really very jealous!
None the less I love you guys! 
  3 years ago: Scene kids
Now: Indie/Hipster kids 
I love you both so much! 
*please don't kill me*

So the night ended with a few of my lovely friends stayed over while the rest went home!
So as usual Char, Sansan and me are the ones that don't really sleep that early....
So we went out at like 2am plus to buy cup noodles at 7/11!

 Screenshot taken from Char's instagram!
Reminiscing much~~~~~~~~~

 4am madness!
Trying out the center parting!
Look at Char's face at the bottom left photo!
Using that as her contact photo! 
 (⁰▿⁰ )人(⁰▿⁰)

 Anyway, to end of this long ass post...
I want to say thank you to everyone who had a part in it. 
Or even those who wished me "Happy Birthday".
Thanks for remembering through facebook. 
I appreciate it a lot. 
At least you guys made an effort to wish me!
Thank you so so so much!
This years 20th birthday was extraordinary!
I had a blast, I felt so love!
I'm happy I'm alive to experience this!

Here's a POMT/OOTD that I took the day after the party.
I realised I didn't take much selfie hahaha
So here's a cui outfit look for you guys!

See ya!
Thanks for reading till the end!
Remember to love and be kind to one another!

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