Saturday, July 27, 2013

Too much feels

Hi meowmeows! 
I don't really have much interesting stuff to blog about. 
I'm so sorry. 

Here are some photos from the past week. 
If you have followed me on instagram you would have already seen most of it. 
Because I'm addicted to Starbucks... 
Twice in a week. Not cool shay, not cool. 
Think about the fats in each drink omg. 

Hahaha, I just cannot resist ok. 
This is their new drink, dark mocha frap with white pudding?
I think I got the name correct right?
Anyway I wouldn't recommend this to anyone if you don't like white pudding in your drink. 
I thought it tasted weird with the dark mocha. 
Don't get me wrong, the dark mocha is nice, just that it didn't taste nice together with the drink itself. 
But then my sis likes the drink so...
Maybe I'm just weird 
 Oh by the way the cute starbucks guy made my drink hehehehe 

#ootd for monday
Chilled Monday I guess. 
 I don't know if you can see but the top has mini cupcakes on it heh 
 ( ̄ー ̄)

 A little promo to my tumblr
Go follow please!
I redesign the header and the bio page!
I will follow back promised! 

 Selfies on Tuesday!
Nothing much can be said. 
I should be listening to lecture, 
instead I'm taking selfies. 
Ok judging myself. 

Met up with this darling girl on Wednesday!
We practically grew up together though we never really kept in contact often!
Love her so very much!
I missed all the sleepovers we have!
Lets hang out more ok!
Maybe next time you can come to my house for a sleepover! 

 Went shopping also and bought new bath soap!
Trying out a new flavour too!
Manoi actually smelled like flowers!
Really pretty and elegant smell actually! 
In love with it actually! 

Hi guys, this is the real me. 
(on the left you dumbo)
Stripped down and raw, right in front of you. 
I didn't even edit the photo.
 This is me, 
without any concealer, any foundation, no eyebrows, no eyeliner. 
Fucking ugly hahaha. 

By the way, over the week I have watched both Fire and Pure episodes from Skin season 7!
So much feels towards both episodes! 

Let's start with Fire
 So if you haven't already know, Fire is basically about Effy a few years later. 
Maybe because I always like Effy character in her teenage years so I find it quite hard to see that she has already grown up and moved on from her past. 
Maybe it's a good thing right?
That no matter how screwed you were in the past, you can always move on, change your life, be a completely different person from  who you were. 
And maybe liking yourself more now. 
However there were like small parts in the episodes that showed Effy's old self, but they were like a few seconds of it so I don't know if it was real or Effy just imagining things. (if you watched skins you know that Effy used to hallucinate things) 
I don't like the fact that she has clearly moved on from her past life. 
Like no mentioned of Freddie anymore...
Which was sad because Gen 2 ended with Effy finding out how much Freddie loved her and she was like crying... 
So I was shocked that the directors did not even try and link it (even if it's a small part) to Freddie. 
And what pisses me off was that there was no connection at all to Cook! 
I thought like they should have showed a bit of Cook in Effy's episode! (Though I heard, don't know if this is true that Effy would be in Cook's episode)
Lol, see so much feels right now. 
I'm glad though that in Effy's episode there were Naomi and Emily!
So happy because I really like this couple! 
I thought Pandora and Effy were like bestfriends? 
Anyway I like how the episode still portrayed how beautiful Effy was. 
That she was able to charm anyone!
I really like that because that was a reason why Effy was Effy. 
And I will always remember what Cook said to Effy
"You're too pretty for your own good. That's why you destroy everything you touch."

Woah, hahah finally let out all my thoughts on Fire. 
Now it's Pure
Pure is on Cassie, which was amazing because that was my favourite character in Gen 1 besides Chris. 
I miss you Chris.
So anyway apparently Cassie is back from New York and so many things has changed! 
I was so shocked to know that her mum has passed away. 
Which was sad because though Cassie wasn't close to her parents, I thought that there was still this special bond between her and her very loving parents. 
 Maybe that's why I was so heartbroken when I know that her father can't seemed to move on yet after her mum died. 
Oh and Ruben is already 6yrs old in this episode! 
So I guessed it has been like 6 years since we last heard of Cassie.
Cassie should be around 24yrs old already? 
I think. 
Also, Cassie has obviously moved on from Sid. 
Which was sad because there was this part in the episode when you could still tell that she will forever love Sid. 
When her flat mate asked her what was she doing in New York and she told her that she was traveling with this boy till there was no where to travel anymore and they ended it. 
And when the flat mate asked her who he was and what was his name, she didn't even bother to say because she said it doesn't matter anymore. 
 I'm really sad that Sid and Cassie had to end this way because I always thought they were perfectly made for each other. 
Ok, I must say this is part of life I guessed. 
Life and death, how relationships end. 
I mean the director is probably trying to make Cassie as realistic as possible. 
And also the truth is sometimes you won't forever stay in love and together with that person. 
Yes you might still love him but you just be together with him somehow. 
I didn't like how they didn't even try to link Cassie with any of the other characters. 
Like everyone in Cassie's story is a brand new character. 
Yeah I get it, Cassie didn't have much friends (except Chris) in Gen 1 but like maybe the director could somehow link it to one or two of them! 
Maybe Michelle (though she was a complete bitch) or like I don't know. 
I was just sad I couldn't see other old characters... 
Ah well, anyway I'm glad that Cassie has recovered from her eating disorder though. 
I think she did because she told Jacob (new character) that she used to starve herself. 
Used to. 
So I guess she doesn't anymore? I'm so happy for you girl! 
Oh Oh Oh! 
I really like how in Pure, they finally fully portrayed how beautiful Cassie is! 
Unlike in Gen 1 where her beauty is like kinda hidden because she's being portrayed as the "Weird Girl" 
I'm really really happy about this because I always thought Cassie was beyond beautiful!
And kinda like Effy, she's so beautiful she's poison to everyone around her. She can't afford to love anyone cause she will end up hurting them.
Also, the part where Cassie forgo the drugs, I just love that part. 
It shows how much Cassie has grown and matured as a person!
 Overall, I actually kind of like Pure more than Fire because I thought the whole episode was just simply down to earth and beautiful. 
It showed a brand new side of Cassie. 
Like how she is actually caring towards her family (WHICH WAS NEVER SEEN IN GEN 1) 
I really like Cassie. 

Haha, and that was basically what went on from Sunday to Wednesday before I fell sick on Thursday and had a fever this morning. 
Fucking hell, I hate to be sick though. 
I feel so useless because all I do is eat then sleep. 
I even cancelled all my plans today because I was sick. 
Supposed to have tuition today (finally) and supposed to go to the Maybelline event at Zouk with Hannah. 
See I even won the invites tix. 
Urgh super hate myself today. 

 So anyway, tonight ended really badly. 
I'm blogging while i'm pissed which is a bad thing. 
But I'll be the bigger person and forget about everything that happened. 

Here's a POMT!

See ya!
Remember to love and be kind to one another!

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