Monday, July 22, 2013

I spend my birthday in the Aquarium

Hi meowmeows!
Sorry this is so damn late!
Just haven't really had the time to gather all the pictures and sort them out...
School has been such a dragged and though it's only like 3 hour but it really tires me out. 
Ok ok this post is not going to be how much I hate school. 
It's going to be on my trip to the aquarium with my sis on my actual birthday! 
I was so happy she asked me out to go to the aquarium!
I thought I was going to celebrate my birthday sad and alone!
I was such a kid in the aquarium! 

If you haven't watch the video I uploaded on the aquarium then I don't even know why I should be friends with you...
Nah, I'm kidding! 
I love you!
Here's the video, hope you like it!

Ok, pictures time! 
This is a long ass picture post!
I hope you appreciate it ok!
You don't know but it's damn exhausting to do a post like this.
But I'm doing it for you guys! 
(to all the imaginary made believe readers out there, I love you) 

Breakfast with the sissy~

Don't know she posing, looking at her phone or eating lol so glam for what! 
I still love you tho! 

Acting like a tourist ft shaymeowmeow! 

 With le pretty sissy of mine!

 Being a slut with the mannequin lol!


 Told you unicorns are real!

 The large fish tank outside before we entered!

 I think it's too dark but I'm actually stepping on another aquarium! 
Like you can walk on it! 
So cool!

 Can you spot the seahorse? 
One of the coolest aquarium ever! 
It's like the center of everybody's attention! 

 Hello! So cute! 
This is my favourite!

 Another tourist shot ft sissy! 
So cute! 

 It's pretty therapeutic to just watch fishes swim around. 
Just keep swimming~ 

 BIG A$$ FI$HE$!
If you watch my aquarium video you would understand! 
The fishes were really very big though! 

Talking to one of the big fish!

 I declare this tank to be overpopulated!
 My dinner for that night. 
Mhmmmm yummy!

 Tiny tiny jelly fishes!

So pretty! 

Ok, I was a little too obsessed with the jellyfishes...
Don't judge. 
Secretly spongebob lol

 Artistic enough for you?

 Stolen from my sissy!
My favourite picture actually!

 Not really clear but this was taken in the biggest tank ever!
You can see it in my video!
*hinting you guys to watch it really*

Okay, that's all the aquarium photos...

How can I go to the aquarium and not take any selfies!
Hello, that would be so unlike shaymeowmeow!
Here are some photos of us!
Hehehehe artistic right?

Being retards lol!

 Our #ootd hehe

 No wonder I still single...

 Me pimping with my boyfriends.

More boyfriends. 
Can't blame me, I'm popular among guys!

I had the most amazing time ever!
Thank you Shayna for making my birthday so enjoyable!
I really appreciate everything!
Thanks for accompanying me too and making me the happiest girl that day! 
I love you!
 (´ ▽`).。o♡

After meeting up with my sissy, I met up with the prettiest girl ever!
Thanks for spending my birthday with me too!
Thanks for the Din Tai Feng treat!
Babe, I love you too! 
Thanks for being amazing, and always there for me! 

So that's all for today's post!
I hope you like it!

Here's a POMT
(taken in topshop on the day of my birthday itself!)

See ya!
Remember to be kind and love one another ok!

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