Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 1 and Day 2 of school

Hello meowmeow!
I'm real sorry I haven't been posting much...
But no one misses me anyway so...
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

If you didn't know, 
I've started school already!
School has been really fun! 
It's really nice to go to school on Saturday especially!
For 3 hours only! 
Listening to fun and interesting lectures!
So excited to go to school tomorrow!
I can't wait! 
ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Urgh, ok whatever. 
Pushing away all negativity I'm feeling right now. 
I'm sorry this post would not be interesting at all!
I promise you guys interesting post would come soon!
I really just need to find time to gather all the photos and organised it!
I'm so so so sorry!

By the way this post would more or less be a picture post again. 
I guess it's more interesting right? 

How can you not take selfies on the first day of school?
#selfies #shaymeowmeow
Not forgetting the famous #ootd for #day1
I found a full length mirror in the toilet, so made use of it. 
Some of my July favourites!
The tumbler I bought from Starbucks and Arizona tea~

 Was feeling the blues (sigh) and so I decided to snuggle in bed and watch "Keith"
A really good movie, I would definitely recommend!
If you want to watch some of my fvourite parts, be sure to check out my instagram!
I posted about 5(i think) instavideos on my favourite scenes!

One of my favourite scene
Yes of course I cried in this movie if you didn't already know. 
I'm a pussy uh, love hate relationship with sad movies. 

Ended the night feeling pretty emotional. 
Playlist chosen to put me to sleep...
I would really recommend this app called "8tracks"
It has amazing playlist created by people. 
This playlist is my favourite playlist for now. 
Going to keep playing it till I get bored of all the songs!

Day 2 of lecture!
This is how my lecture looks like. 
Studious people and then there is Shay...
Lecture haven't finish and I'm all prepared to go. 
Seriously shay...

Not forgetting #day2 #ootd 


 Family dinner on a Friday night!
Supposed to meet bevbev uh but that boy ah... 
Aftermath of dinner!
Mum can't even be bothered to entertain me!
Guys, if you haven't realise everything is on instagram so if you are interested in where I ate and stuff...

 Pretty lighting at the corner of the room. 
So alone, yet shining so brightly. 
*lots of thoughts*

#ootd with my mum because we are cool like that!
My face don't know why so awkward 
 ( ̄ー ̄)

By the way guys, update post. 
Remember I bought this gel called Hiruscar?

I didn't really take a before photo...
Stupid me
But this was taken a day after buying it. 
I know like cannot really see the scarring but I swear it's very obvious. 
The photos btw is not edited or anything. 
This is how ugly I look without make up. 
And this below is taken today!
Less than a month of using the product!
I try to use it as often as possible.
It's recommended to apply about 3-4 times a day?
The most number of times I have applied is like maybe 2 times?
But I do use it everyday!
I think there is a difference! Like the scarring on the right is less obvious!
Plus this picture is taken from the front camera so it's like clearer. 
No edits too! Just cropping my tired eyes out.

Very happy with the product!
It's a little ex though and because I use it in other areas too...
Like my stretch marks and stuff so the gel actually doesn't last a month. 
Like I'm finishing it already...
I would definitely recommend it if you are rich. 
Giving it a hmmm... 8/10 meowmeow points!
 \(^ ^)/

So that's it for today!
Hope you like the little update!
And yes I'm still awake though I have school tomorrow. 
Here's a POMT!

Here's many GOMT!
I hate how pixar it is
But I can't download it direct from the website of gifboom so urgh. 

See ya!
Remember to love and be kind to one another! 

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