Monday, July 01, 2013

Birthday celebration part 1

Hey guys!
How have your weekend been?
Mine has been nothing but great!
Filled with so much love and laughter. 
I'm so glad I'm alive to experience these. 
Such memories would be treasured in me so so dearly. 

Anyway this would be part 1 of the birthday celebration post! 
Lots of pictures and video(s) coming up! 

Basically part 1 is about family!
I celebrated my birthday at Hotel Intercontinental. 
It was like a buffet style dinner. 
Sorry i didn't really take pictures of the spread of food. 
( ; ; )

 Basically that's what I ate. 
Actually come to think of it, it's damn little for dinner!
What's up with my stomach man! 
By the way the food is not too bad! 
I really love the red velvet cake though heh 

My pretty birthday cake!
Durian cake this year!
The cake was so sinful and delicious omgahhhhhhhd. 

Guys, I need to intro you to the most adorable baby boy ever. 
This is Lucius, my baby nephew.
(Yes I'm no longer the baby of the family and I'm an aunt. Life is great!)
No but seriously, I love this man to bits!
Hello cutie pie 

Me carrying the sleeping beauty. 
Can be mother already. 
I'm ready! (lol jkjkjk) 


My mum love baby Lucius more than me. 
I swear haha but that's when he is around. 
I'm still her baby when there's no Lucius lol 

 Photos with my cousins, aunt and uncle! 

This is the whole family. 
I have a really small family to be honest. 
But we're really close to one another and the love we have is incredible. 
I'm really grateful for this actually. 
(no matter how sometimes I think they might be a little toooo strict as a christian ha ha ha ._.)
 ( ̄ー ̄)

My papakat and mamakat 
These two taught me everything about love, kindness and how to care for others.
I thank God everyday for allowing me to be their daughter. 
 Thanks for choosing me, thanks for sticking by me for this 20 years. 
20 years of hardwork and dedication, I know I'm not the easiest person to love. 
I'm difficult, I'm spoilt, I'm a brat but you love me like a Princess. 
You love my flaws, my self-centeredness. 
You love me. 
I promise I'm never ever going to abandon you guys. 
Never ever. 

Outfit of the day. 
The dress is from Riotloco
Love/Hate relationship with the dress. 
The dress is real pretty, but I don't think it look good on me though. 
ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Basically I had a great time with the family. 
Thank you for the presents and angbao!
You guys always pamper me so very much!
I know now I'm no longer the baby of the family because there's Lucius...
But 20 years of being a baby, I'm already very happy!
Thank you, I'm so so blessed!

Basically the post has ended haha
Here are some selfies... 
So, run along if you don't wanna see lol
Look at the difference eyeliner makes omg. 

 #makeupthickasever #selfies1 #hairnotdoneyet

 #makeupthickasever #selfies2 #hairnotdoneyet

*after the night has ended*

 Part 2 would take a while as there are tons of photos and videos to edit!
It's going to be worth the wait I hope. 
(Spoiler alert, I look ridiculously ugly and fat like a fucking potato in part 2 photos so just bear with me ok) 

See ya!
Remember to love and be kind to one another!

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