Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mini room make over.

Hey guys, 
As some of you know I celebrated my birthday with my relatives today!
And tomorrow (Saturday), I'm having a mini party with my close friends. 
So today's post won't be of my birthday sorry. 
I've decided to combine them together so it would be a big ass post with tons of photos! 

Anyway, recently (meaning Thursday at like 11pm...) I don't really know why but I had this sudden urge to revamp my room! It's like I want to tear down everything and re create my personal space. 

I'm done with only one side of the room! 
*victory dance because I'm really satisfied with it!*
I guess the other side, which are the main wall and the wardrobe I would have to complete it another day when my creativity juice returns lol

So here are the pictures!
Oh btw if you are following me on instagram, you can see the room tour video! 

This is what the wall above my desk looks like now. 
Pretty Polaroids of people I love and cherish. 
 ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Anyway, sidetrack. 
I was looking for Polaroids to hang and I found these...
*please don't kill me for posting it* 

I love my scene friends. 
This was about 3 years back!

LOL I can't even. 
I don't think he will ever see this so...
Dude ah, your lesbian hairstyle damn nice.
I jealous~
( ̄ー ̄)

By far my favourite Polaroid ever.
I love you honeybaby! 

Anyway, I was looking at my wallet and I found this!
Thanks for the heart shape Aikang!

 Ok back to my room!
I DIY my room door this time too!
You like it?



Thank you Hazel baby for the dream catcher! 

This is the wall under my cabinets. 
I didn't take a full shot of it. 




I hope you like the picture version of my room tour. 
If you would like an actual video room tour, like a 3 mins or more kind of video you can tell me! 
I might do one! 
This time including the main wall and the wardrobe too! 
 ( ´∀`)

Anyway here's a POMT!
See ya maybe on Sunday!
Remember to be kind and love one another!

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