Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey guys!
Back tracked a little.
Didn't know why I never post this up on Sunday or yesterday.
What's wrong with me. 
ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

Anyway Sunday was Father's Day!
& so we went our for family lunch at this hotel.
(stomach wasn't feeling good so I didn't really enjoy it) 
Happy Father's Day (belated) dadakat. 
I don't know why I never post anything up on instagram to wish you.
But I love you too, I really do!
(I just don't really show it, sorry) 
Thanks for teaching me how to be a good person, for disciplining me, and for loving me. 
Also thanking for sharing with me all your wonderful stories. 
My dad is a storyteller. 
Never ending of interesting story.
Thanks for always entertaining me.
And always being my chauffeur (sorry again) 
  Thank you for being a wonderful dad, I love you.  

Sunday's look. 

New lyrics up!
Decided that this side of the wall needs some changes. 

Monday was a little bit dull for me and hence the slip slop post update. 
I'm so sorry. 
But this was the only picture I took so...
PSI: 111 at the time I took it. 
So hazy, I might as well smoke then breathe in this horrendous air.

To show you how bad it is, 
This is how it should look on a good normal day.
If you look at the background, you can actually see the sea port. 
And this was taken when the sun was setting and it's still quite clear!
The previous photo was taken during like 4pm ish?

So horrible uh   ヘ(。□°)ヘ

(today finally)
I had tuition but I went late cause I had to buy lunch for her....
Like some big sister ho ho ho 
( ̄ー ̄)

So before I left Kylie (my little girl) kept asking me where I was going. 
I have no clue why. 
So I just replied "Going out"
(didn't think I need to really explain where I was going)
Then her granny heard and she was so cute.
She cut in our conversation by saying "SHE GOING DATING"
Then Kylie being Kylie went "With who? Boyfriend ah? What's his name?"
Then I went "Yep!"
And the granny helped me by saying "RICHARD LA!"
Omg so damn hilarious please, I love her granny! 

So I actually did went out with my boyfriend....

Hahaha, fooled you right?
No? Oh yah, you all know I'm a #lonergirl
Going to grow old with my cats... 
Yes yes I know. 

While waiting for Huisan to come, 
I ordered an apple juice (still having a little stomachache so decided not to order coffee) and read a little of my nylon! 
*bliss feel*
 So that's basically how my Sunday - Today went. 

Here's a POMT!
(literally taken an hour before blogging)
 Look like a monkey I know. 
*Unintended actually*

My pjs look.
Hehhh, I really do like my baggy shirts with no shorts. 

See ya tomorrow!
Remember to be kind and love one another! 

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