Monday, June 17, 2013

Recommended music of the week

Hey guys, 
I really don't have much to blog about.
I've been home all day (besides the visit to the doctor) 
and I've been doing nothing except laying in bed reading books from my phone.
I've definitely got a social life. 
*le crying at a corner at how sad my life is*

But since it's Monday, and you know what that is!
Oh you don't...
Well every Monday is Shay's recommended music of the week!
*plays cheesy theme song* 

 So this week's recommended music of the week is 3Oh!3's Omen album!
I had a listen to the whole album here 
I hope you enjoy it too!
It's been awhile since i last heard their stuff and I'm kinda blown away by this album!
Maybe because I kinda didn't have any expectations... 

Remember to be kind and love one another!
See ya!

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