Monday, December 06, 2010

So what now?

So Hi everyone?
Any souls left still reading this dusty old blog?
Well suddenly have an urge to blog so here I am.
(because tumblr is not working)

Well how's life so far?
My last post was like during week 2/3? and now is woah! WEEK 7 of school already!
Yeah as you know, my common test is arriving.
And holy moly goodness gracious me, Im not prepared.
Well, maybe slightly.
But that's no good, especially when I want to save my dying GPA.
Oh gosh, sometimes I really wish my life doesn't just revolves around school, school and more school.
I don't even know why I am blogging now when I should use the time to revise my work or catch up on my sleep?

Seriously, I fail in life.

Okay, okay besides studies my life has not been better anyway.
So many areas have been failing me and I feel like a living zombie.
I feel so...
Well i don't know, like an empty soul walking around, breathing, but not really doing anything that she favours?
I don't know. So many things are going on in my life now.

I really need like maybe one week, away from everyone. To gather all my thought, to figure who I am again.

I know I keep saying I don't know who I am. But I really don't know.
Its not as easy as you think to figure yourself out. Especially a person like me.
I wish my life had a manuscript, have a guidelines, so I know what to do, what to follow. So i wouldn't make any mistake.

Okay. So that basically sums up my life now.
Nah, shan't tell you my love life.
Secret for now.

Would be blogging more too!

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