Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Im back.

Anyone miss me?
Okay, i doubt so.
Who still reads this blog anyway.

Anyway quick update bout my life.
School has started. This is like the third week already.
(Super fast)
One of my really good friend in school is not in the same class as me.
Majorly upset about it.
But I can't do much cause life has to go on.
Well, the new group of friends are really naise to me to be honest.
I mean they are willing to accept me and stuff.
Im so touch.
Words cant express what I want to say. But just know im extremely grateful.
Okay, enough about school life. I know you don't want to know about that.
I know what you all really want to know about.
Well, in that area...
Just say im EXTREMELY unsuccessful.
That's all.
Seriously I DONT NEED A MAN.
I want to believe in this.
(If you follow me on twitter you probably have known that some guy has been flirting with me. But then again that's ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. No more already. I hope)

So I have to continue studying business law already(which I super dread)
Hope to blog here soon.
Thank you for reading if you even bother.


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