Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Im a dumb ugly fug bitch who thinks Im so smart and whatsoever.
Im a slut too.
So girls out there better grab onto your boys tightly.
Don't say I never warn you.

Okay, seriously Im going bonkers.
I think I either study too much or I really dgaf right now.
Cause Im not like even studying now.

So dumb already still don't want to study.
That's why today's POA test can get so mothafugging low.

Seriously. I don't know what Im feeling right now.
Tomorrow presentation only have two ways out.
1. To do really well.
2. Fug the whole presentation cause I panic and blank out.
I think Im more towards number 2.

So stress. So stress.
Im really so stress right now.
Haven't been eating much too.
Im always damn tired._.

I have a feeling I may not do well for CTs.
How to save my GPA like that.

Seriously Shay, gtfo now and study.
But my mood not cannot absorb anything!



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