Sunday, March 07, 2010

My fair lady.

I'm feeling better.
Thanks to those who have been there when I needed someone.
Or simply just telling me stop emoh-ing.
Though at those times I hated it when people ask me to cheer up or stop thinking bout it.
Because those lines do not make me feel better but cause me to emoh more...
However when I think about it, it makes me happy to know at least people do care bout me.
So once again thank you all for being so patient with me,
Especially when I'm emoh and become paranoid, stubborn and a bitch.
Yeah, I'm very bitch and vulgar when I'm pissy.
But but, don't worry.
I'm getting better.
Because I know I just have to submit everything to God and I will feel better!
God is bigger then all my stupid little problems!

Oh oh, before I forget.
Yes I know you can't wait to read this part.
Thanks for being such a nice uncle and like amazingly always there for me when I text you.
I know you don't like me saying this cause I have like repeated it a billion times?
I just want to apologize for like disturbing you sometimes although you always say i'm not.
I know I am disturbing you from your beauty sleep too.
Don't deny it.
&& is it just me but I think we should talk more like face to face.
Cause though we can like text a lot but like cannot talk face to face.
That's bad.
You owe me starbucks coffee!
& You haven't draw credit card for me yet!
Yeah yeah, so thanks for just being there and let me disturb/annoy you sometimes.
I'm too nice, so thank God I don't disturb you all the time.

Little rascal.
(Little girl sounds nicer lorhhhh)

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