Monday, March 08, 2010

Dear John.

Well, honestly...
I felt I wasted my money.
But but.
I don't deny that the love between them is really passionate!
I don't like the fact that they portray that long distance relationship won't work.
I don't like it.
I mean I believe that if you love that person, no matter what the distance is your love will still be there.
And sorry to say but her excuse for breaking up with him is stupid!
I don't like it.
Maybe I guess movies that come from books aren't that great...
Take twilight and new moon for an example.

Ivan ong, I can't believe you are not touch reading that post.
It was a honest post lurh.
How can like that?!
I don't care man.
I demand my starbucks coffee now!!!
Okay, but I'm such a nice person so I shall write another nice post for you.
Thanks for always entertaining me when I'm bored.
And like always so concern about me when I don't eat my lunch/dinner or when I go home late.
And especially when I walk home at night.
Thanks for txt-ing me during that time cause walking home at night is pretty scary at times.
I guess that's what friends are for!
YAY to nice friendship!

Oh oh.
&& 11:11.
11:11 would never be the same because of your daily reminders.
If my wish never become true I would feel so bad.
Because you took effort to remind me to make a wish.
And every reminder is always different.

Yes yes, are you touch by now?
You should be you know...
And finally.
My life would be very boring without your entertainment!
So keep up the good work!

Gossip Girls.

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