Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm the happiest I can be

Hi guys (⌒▽⌒) 
Sorry haven't been updating this place for about four whole months. (。-_-。)
I guess you can say I have been really caught up with life hehe and also too lazy to write a post. 
The past two-ish months of my holiday after exams  had been so fast paced! 
(To be honest I've been bumming around)
With events like my weekly clubbing (not afraid to say this but not proud of it), zoukout, Christmas, new year, I've damaged my body to a point where I've been sick for about a whole month. (−_−;)
Recovered then fall sick again due to the alcohol. Really not proud of this, time to cut down and take care of this old unhealthy body of mine! *one of my new year's resolution! (^-^)/* 

Anyway update on my health, I'm recovering already! Finally persuaded by the mamakat, I went to the doctor and the meds are totally working! Yaye! 

Woah woah woah anyway just realised, this is my first post for this year! And it would be a long update with lots of pictures so be patient and continue reading ok! Later have pictures for you guys hahaha (tho my face not say the prettiest ah) (^ー^)ノ

So guys... it's 2014! 
2k14!!!! (・・;)
Mr. Time, can you please slow down! I do not want to get older (~_~;) 

Anyway I know January is ending and I'm a little slow (very in fact) but what are your new year resolutions this year? I'm curious to know! (o^^o)
Because everyone knows that new year resolutions are always recycled and a few people actually do fulfill theirs. (If you are one of those who do, please pretend to be lazy and unmotivated like me so I won't feel so bad) 
HAHAHHA (*^◯^*) 
Kidding kidding, this year I'm feeling pretty motivated. Maybe 2k14 would finally be my year! 
Besides the usual be happy, be more matured, be healthy, I really want to start saving lots of money and also travel maybe at the end of the year! 
Hopefully I can fulfil these! *cross fingers and toes* 

Ok now the time you have been waiting for! Photo updates! From 2k13 - 2k14 
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

A date out of papakat during my study break in 2k13. 

Exams ended! Met up with my sister! 

The old man's birthday! 

*ignore my face* Friends that you can keep forever! 

#selfies #shameless 

Through drunk/high/sober, I'll be there for you girls. 

Beloved bbygirl's birthday!!! 

#throwback #shaymeowmeow20thbirthday 

With the coolest girlfriend ever! 

Thanks giving 2k13 at bevbev's house! 


Not forgetting Starbucks with friends and family heheh

Christmas spirit at ikea! Someone buy me that elephant pretty please!! 


Mamakat love~ 

ZOUKOUT with the bestest group ever! 


Christmas with bestest friends ever. 

Christmas with the extended family. Mad love for every single one. I promise Lucius love me hahaa tho I look like I'm forcing him to take a photo with me. Ignore my face cause no make up heh~ 

2k14 is finally here! Spend it with awesome peeps and my b~ 

New year, new sheets! 


2k14 hangs so far with special people that I really care about! 

Cannot forget about #2k14selfies hahaha 

That's about all the photos!!! 
Please please appreciate this long ass post! It's damn tiring to blog through your phone! (Because I'm a lazy ass, lazy to transfer all the photos to my com) 
(; ̄ェ ̄)

Hehhehehe ok ok before I end of... I have one last part to add. 
And this special part is for this special person who has entered into my life. 
*if you don't like cheesy ass stuff then goodbye that's the end of the post!* 

If you tell me two months ago that we would one day be together, I would probably laugh it off and tell you to stop giving me false hope or that this scenario would never happened. (This actually happened before. My friends asked me what if you really ask me to be your gf and my response was that) 

Never did I expect that you would actually asked me to be your girlfriend. All the good karma that I've accumulated must have been finally enough to let me be able to have you and to call you mine. 

I'm me when I'm with you, no lies, no mask, no facade. You make me feel comfortable in my own skin and not a lot of people are able to let me feel this way. When I'm with you, time seems to pass so god damn fast that I wished I could stop time. I'm able to tell you anything and everything. And you, just sit there and listen to me rant about insignificant stuff. 

I like the way you look at me (even those times where you think I don't realise you looking at me, trust me b, I know hehe)
I like the way you hold my hand, and play with my nails by rubbing your finger on the edge of my nails. 
I like the way you hug me, especially those sudden tight embrace. I don't want to let you go too. 
I like those kisses on my head, my shoulders, my cheeks. 
I like those kisses on my lips, the gentle ones, the rough ones.
I like the way you smell, your manly smell or when you have cologne on. 
I like the way you dress, I like when you dress up (hopefully for me ah) 
I like how you can never win me in an argument, not because you can't but because you let me win most of the time (or maybe b you really can't win me haha) 
I like those random selfies you take of yourself. 
I like how you make an effort to meet your needy girlfriend tho you are so tired and busy. 

The list goes on but I should stop for now hehehe later you too proud ah then don't make an effort on me. I will sad k. 

Haha I really never expect myself to be such a needy girlfriend. I'm constantly missing you, and the need to meet you everytime is strong. I want to talk about you often but I'm afraid I would annoy people. Hahaha I want to tell them how happy you make me feel. *cheesy shay* I want to tweet about the things you say to me or tell me but I'm afraid that would annoy people. I used to dislike girls who talk about their bf constantly but I'm slowly becoming like them hahaha. Die eh b how ah? 

Anyway, I'm happy I have you in my life b. Thanks for being so patient with me. You're the best! 
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Till next time guys! Sorry for the cheesy ending! 

Remember to be kind and love one another! ♪(v^_^)v

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