Friday, September 06, 2013

Busy with life

Hi meowmeows!
 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I'm finally updating this space haha
Finally motivated myself to update this space.
Before I go on and rant about my boring life,
Here's the music recommendation of the week!
I know I haven't been doing this in a while.
So sorry 
( TДT)

 Currently one of my favourite songs right now!
Who's gonna get up after where gone?
Who's gonna get up after we've fallen?
Who's gonna pick up what we've done wrong?
Who's gonna get up after where gone?
 So, I've been really busy and tied down because I had a quiz and a mid term paper.
Zzzzzz, which was so fucking lame.
Please don't get me started on both of them.
Both is only 10% but the effort I had placed in both is like 220%!
So fucking tired ok.
Studying everyday for these two test which has so little weight on them.
The quiz was a total flopped.
I'm beyond pissed about it.
All the studying, for nothing.
I swear, I can go on about how flawed our education system is.
But I'm afraid later the government put me in jail.
So I'm just going to shut up and keep my comments to myself.
Because so much for "freedom of speech"
And "meritocracy"
Yes, I so totally agree.
I really just hope I did well for my mid term paper.
*cross fingers*
All the studying cost so much money. 
Has been going to Starbucks so often, 
I'm gaining weight and becoming broke. 

But besides all the sadness and negativity, 
I did had fun because...
 I hung out with my sister!
 Super love her!
This photo damn funny because I was camwhoring with her and I totally didn't expect the guy to be in the photo till we both looked at the photo!
Perfect shot of him also! 
Right at the center!
*Camwhoring with strangers eh* 
Sisters matching phone stickers!
Hehehehe, guess which phone is mine! 
A big star for you if you can guess!

Here are some photos I found in my phone!
Some are posted in Instagram
If you already followed me then good for you.
If not, wtf are you still scrolling down this post, go follow me first!
Thank you!

 Selfie #1

 Selfie #2

Smelling fresh every morning!

Tattoo #1

Tattoo #2 

Because I'm an awesome friend. 
Starbucks treat for the birthday girl, Ezzati! 

Cause I'm a cool cat meowwwwwww
Need more stickers though!

Heheheh it's finally with me!
Wait, that means I need to start writing in it more! 

 Went to Sentosa to visit my dad the Merlion

 Hi Charchar the pretty girl!
I love you hehehehe

Hello Lucius baby,
I miss my monkey head so much!
I'm so glad I'm going to see him this Sunday! 

Ok, it's fashion show time

My normal hairstyles and my failed attempts to have curls...

 Oh by the way,
hung out with my Red Camp leader.
Hehehe do you feel old Christian?
You practically watched us grow up!
From 16 to now.
Really like a korkor ah

Heh, not forgetting I went partying with the prettiest friend ever.
Omg, I still can't believe I'm so close to you now. 
Who would have thought I actually have a really pretty friend! 
Don't get me wrong, all my friends are damn pretty but this girl. 
Holy shit.
I love you sansan! 

Not forgetting you Phoebe!
My freaking primary school till now bestie!
No matter how long we haven't talk or hang out, 
I will still forever remember you!
Also, how can you ever party without this girl!
She is practically the life of the party!
I love you so much please know that!
Hang out/party soon alright! 

Following photos are just drinks I tried recently!
Definitely recommending them!
If you are willing to spend a little more!

A healthy snack!
Replace ice cream with milk.
Milk with banana!
Equally yummy!

 Hehehe hello my number 1 stalker!
I know you are reading my post!
I love and miss you dearly!
I can't believe we are hanging out tomorrow!
I am beyond excited bby!

Oh ya, before I forget. 
Let me rant about 50 Shades of Grey. 
If you haven't already know, 
(I don't know which hole you are leaving if you don't even know this) 
The casts for Christian Grey and Anastasia will be 
Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson.

Before you go on and tell me that they are perfect for the role, 
I would like to argue that because this photo below was the first photo I saw of them, I would like to believe that "NO THEY ARE NOT PERFECT FOR THE ROLE" 

Gosh... I imagine Christian to be an angel and Anastasia to have the perfect girl next door look. 
But this... this photo...
Totally ruined my perfect image of both of them!

I swear if these were the first photos I saw of them, I wouldn't be so depressed about it... 
 I can still accept this...

And this too... 

But that horrid unshaved look of Charlie, I WILL NOT ACCEPT OK!
And please Dakota, I don't care how many facials you need...
Please look younger. 
Don't look like 30+ yr old please....
I do not want to see this look in the film...
Don't get me wrong ok, she's beautiful...
But I don't like how she looks so mature!

Oh wait, I found this...
That's so true ok. 
Just look at Matt Bomer omg 
My perfect Christian will and always be Ian Somerhalder


Ok, feeling so much better after I rant! 

Ok, posting the remaining photos I have uploaded...
 Selfie #3
 Selfie #4

 Selfie #5

 Selfie #5 


Btw, I have a crush on Trent from Daria. 

have been spending more of my waking hours watching Daria!
Definitely would recommend everyone to watch this!
So much better than trashy cartoons that are airing now a days. 
(I'm looking at you Barbie) 

Ok I'm hungry now, shall eat my dinner!
Here's a POMT!
unedited for you guys since most of you are blinded by my selfies already!

 See ya!
Remember to love and be kind to one another! 

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