Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Let's get personal here shall we?
 Or is that too boring to read?
Would you care if I post how I really feel?
Like as of right now I feel like commiting suicide?
Jumping off the building.
Staying at the 36th floor isn't that hard you know.
Would you like to read this?
I'm barely surviving tonight.
Lets hope I make it through...

See ya, hopefully.
Remember to love and be kind to one another always.
Because you will never understand the individual demons they might be facing.
You never know that your simple act of love and kindness might change their mind for today.
And because of YOU, this isn't the last time you are talking to them.
Just think about that...
And how scary that is actually.
Literally the fate of that person is in your hands.
So please don't take anyone for granted...
Because not everyone will be here forever. 

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