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tous en une seule

(i wonder who will google translate the title)
 Hey guys I'm finally back!
Sorry I haven't been blogging much.
Please don't hate  (´_`)

It's going to be heavy content post so get ready for lots of photos and gifs (of me ⊙︿⊙) heh! 

Before I start, here's the recommended music of the week! 
Played it while you read the post!
This song is called Hurricane by Bridgit Mendler
(really love how she sings the song  (*´▽`*))

So well many of you know I went Thailand this week!  (´∇ノ`*)ノ
If you didn't know then I really don't know where you live uh, like in a cave or somewhere with no internet connection cause I've been spamming my instagram/vine/gifboom/twitter during my entire trip. 

Day 1:

Going to Changi Airport and being damn excited lol (`・ω・´)”

I took this while waiting. So damn cute! A whole group of toddlers having an excursion in T2!  (>y<)

Me being bored as usual. Still waiting...

Look at my mamakat and dadakat! So damn cute!

Goodbye mofos! (─‿‿─)

#noedit The plane we were boarding! I just realised the sky look so pretty! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Had some Starbucks before flying off! 
It was really cheap!
Green tea latte plus the sundried tomatoes and turkey ham was only $9.90!
It's like about $12ish if I buy it outside?
THAT'S UNFAIR!  ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

Clearly I was bored while waiting.  (*´_ゝ`)

To be honest I was really excited about this trip!
It's been a while since I travel abroad! 
I love leaving town, going overseas, going to a foreign land!
I think that's why I really love the airport!

So I left Singapore feeling so happy and excited and it can be seen in most of the photos.
My face was glowing ok.

Me and mamakat outside of Thailand airport. 
Happy faces! (◑‿◐)

To those that have been wondering, we are staying at Holiday Inn!
This is the view from the side. 
The room is really really huge. 
And if you look at the side of the photo, you can see the brown binds right?
They are actually binds to the toilet glass window.
You can draw it up, and then you can look into the toilet!
Kinky eh! ≖‿≖

 Ok toiliet view from the toilet bowl!
Heh, was shitting at that time while watching tele. (*゚ー゚)ゞ
See that blue screen? 
That's the television!
I draw up the binds so that I could watch it! LOL
(They have those build in speakers in the toilet so you can actually listen to your television while in the toilet! Cool yeah!)

As you can tell my expectation for the hotel was actually very low, I didn't even expect much actually that's why I was quite impress when I saw the room! 

So we had dinner at Intercontinental Hotel!
Which was actually just next door ok!
How convenient is this! 
Every where is technically link!
(The hotels were near the sky walk, which is a bridge that links to all the shopping malls!)
So the location of the hotel is definitely good if you want to shop! 

 Some of the food that was serve during dinner! 
Could have taken more but I was too hungry heh  (⌒_⌒;)

This was what I ate. Don't worry I was sharing ok! 

Ok, so I saw they were serving this and I thought it was pretty cool.
I didn't try though.
It's suppose to be healing water(?)
Like the stones used have some healing effects to the body(?)
Supposedly good for the body!
I thought this was pretty interesting!

 Look how the drinks were serve!
So inviting eh!

That was basically Day 1!
We arrived late so we didn't have much time to shop actually!
I did walk around with my mum to CentralWorld but it's like a typical shopping mall (same as Singapore) so I didn't buy any stuff.  (; ̄Д ̄)

 Day 2:
 To start off the day you really need a good breakfast!
Well that's cause it's shopping day duh!

 Yoghurt with fruits!

 Omg, I'm hungry.
Just look at the bacon and eggs.
Taken while we were resting. Managed to clear all the floors except level 1 and basement. 
It's really tiring though but we did it! 
 #noedit #minimalmakeup #proudofface
My mum is so cute here haha
 ( ^▽^ )人( ≧▽≦)

After shopping #ootd 
Don't see the bag like so small, damn fucking heavy ok I tell you. 

 Chicken soup noodles and Phad Thai from the cafe in Holiday Inn.
(I really want to believe that these did not cause me to fall sick because it really taste damn awesome)

Overall Day 2 was a success (I guess). Well I think I didn't shop enough and my mum agreed also.
This was the last day I was happy too.
Last photo taken before I ended the night.

 Day 3:
Horror day. 
The worst day of my entire life.

I don't know where you are if you didn't know what happened to me.
Seriously, reliving this moment still send shivers to my back.
It's just so god damn dreadful.

Ok, the moment I woke up I already felt something wasn't right.
I was feeling bloated, constipated and worst of all nausea.
I went for breakfast and I didn't had appetite at all.
So I ate a little and went back to the room earlier then my parents to sleep it off, thinking it will go away.
 Oh hell was I wrong.
When I woke up later, I felt worst.
The nausea feeling was there and my stomach hurts really badly.
And guess what I found out?
I'm the luckiest girl on earth I tell you.

After a while, I don't know what took my bloody shit so long but they decided to come out all at once.
(sorry for being explicit)
But I am serious...
I had like severe diarrhea and some may call it "explosive diarrhea"
I wish I could show you how bad it is lol.
And not only that.
I started vomiting too.
So can you imagine how bad I felt.
I spend half the day in bed sleeping and the other half in the toilet puking/shitting.

I had no appetite at all too.
The smell and thought of food is enough to make me puke.
No kidding.
I even tried eating a bite of instant noodles my mum bought.
Yep, vomited right after that.

At this point of time I really felt like dying. 
(this is an understatement, if I could I would have killed myself)

I puked until there was really nothing left.
And shit till my butt was sore.

Can you comprehend how depressed I was.
I wanted to go out and shop!
But in the end I was stuck in the room.

This was how miserable I looked.
Taken at like 7pm after I took some panadol and finally not puking it out.
(Did I mentioned I puke out other medicines I took)

Thank God, somehow the panadol worked!
So my mamakat decided to bring me out.
And we shopped at Siam shopping malls a while before going to the street markets!

Hot Spearmint Green Tea from Starbucks to end the depressing night.

Manage to take a gif (wow I don't even know how I did it) before sleeping. 

Day 4:
Last day...
And I'm damn sad because I really felt like I didn't shop much at all.
Compared to the other shopping trips from Thailand.

We had a little time left before we head to the airport so Mum decided we should go shop around the Isetan. (I swear shopping at the shopping malls in Thailand is like shopping in Singapore. Same price)

 #ootd #lookingbetterthanyesterday

Flying back home

 #noedit #tryingtolookhappy #goodlighting #minimalmakeup #lol

Everything I brought from the trip:

That concludes the whole trip.
It's totally a trip filled with ups and downs. 
Well yes I'm sad I didn't get to shop much, 
But I'm happy I had quality bonding time with my parents.
They made me feel like a little princess.
And every girl likes to feel this way
(be honest)

Ok before I end the post, I would like to say that my skin in Thailand look damn good as compared to Singapore. 

Same make up applied and no photo edit. 

Here's another POMT! taken in Day 4!
See ya!
Remember to be kind and love one another!

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