Saturday, June 15, 2013

Recommended video of the week

Hey guys!
Here's the recommended video for this week!
It's the latest vlog by Shay and his family.
I've been watching Shaytards for the last 3 years(?)
I do admit there was one time I stopped watching for god knows what reason. 
And I remembered when I started watching again I was so damn shock because Shay lost all the weight!
I had to even like watched all the videos (most) to make sure this was the Shay that I used to watch! 

So basically Shay calls his family through nicknames 
(though tbh most of the viewers know the kids real name)
(taken from google )
He has 4 kids and 1 more is on the way (yay!). 
They are Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and lastly Rocktard (heh my favourite). 
They are all lovely kids, very kind and caring and you can tell they love they parents oh so very much! 
Oh and I swear Shay and Collete is the sweetest couple ever. 
Their love for each other. 
(asdfghjkl so sweet, where's mine!)

I really love Shay's vlogs so much because it brings so much joy into my life. 

His vlogs are very different and it's entertaining to me in a different way. 
For example, Shane Dawson's vlogs are very crude (don't get me wrong I still love my man) but it's still entertaining!
Shay's vlogs however revolves around his family and he spreads love, happiness and positivity through his vlogs.
The best part of it is he is a family man, so you can see the love he shows towards his wife, kids, friends and family and basically everyone around him!

You have to watch it to understand what I mean!

I really do hope they still continue vlogging after their fifth year because I don't know what I will do if I don't see a daily vlog every time I checked my youtube feed!

I hope you enjoy the video! 

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