Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thursday's with people I love

Yes guys, I finally went out today. 
The loser(me) finally stepped out of her house! Yes ah! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

So I met my sister because she needed to shop for birthday giftsssssss. This girl ah so rich, help pay for everything first... So many friends also. Hai yo! BUT I STILL LOVE YOU! ♡v

Only took a photo with her!! Hello girl ah we need to spam more photos! (T ^ T)

Anyway I'm sorry if this post seems a bit boring. Let me tell you a story ok. (It might be real, might be fake. Up to personal reference.) 

So once upon a time, two girls called Denise and Desiree was window shopping in town. Unfortunately, they walked passed this dude. (。-_-。) Desiree noticed that the dude was looking at Denise but she didn't really thought of it as anything because Denise looked really pretty that day and it was normal for guys to look! So they happily continue walking when suddenly a voice called out to them from behind "Hey excuse me!" That totally shocked both Desiree and Denise as they turned back to see that it was that dude who was looking at Denise. (; ̄ェ ̄)So you can obviously guessed what happened. The dude tried asking Denise for her number but to no avail of course. Denise was simply not interested in him. The end. (Btw Desiree did try and help pull Denise away but it was hard because she simply did not know what to do!) 

Moral of the story: DON'T BE A FUCKING DESPERATE GUY PLEASE. (~_~;)

How to tell if a guy is desperate. Here are four telltale signs for you! 
#1 You approach a girl on the streets. (Don't give me excuse that you just want to be friends with her. You want to be friends? Why her only? Why not be friends with the 50 yr old auntie too! Why only her? Please... You think she's pretty that's why right? Pfft...) 
#2 You asked her what's her name. 
#3 You asked her what's her age. 
#4 You asked her if she's attached.

*give self high five*

Sorry but that guy is really... 
#1 Damn creepy
#2 Damn gross 
#3 Damn ugly (Ok guys I'm really not kidding. If you know me personally, you know I rarely call a guy/girl ugly because I feel that I AM THE EPITOME OF UGLY. But this guy really damn.... yep ugly) 

Okay personal opinion time: 
Seriously don't you guys know that you make yourself look so shallow when you pick up girls on the streets? Okay reminder again, this is personal opinion ok. Maybe some girls like being pick up because it's like a boost to their self esteem... But I think it's really creepy. Like no I don't know you and no I do not want to know you. I don't know but I think it just makes a guy so... Shallow. You only ask for her number cause you think she's pretty. That's all. You know nothing about her. Love at first sight? Please... Should be "Lust at first sight

Lol why I so angst ah? Ok ok cool down. So after hanging with my sister, I went to meet my best friend! (*☻-☻*)

My pretty bestfriend! So pretty ok sigh pie. I love you babe (^ω^)

Love hanging out with you! So funny to tease you and just talk to you about random nonsense! I can be so weird in front of you and you don't even care! Hehehehe! *hugs and blow you kisses!*

I hope everyone had and awesome day today! Remember to always be kind and love one another! 

Here's a POMT! 

Me trying to be a koolkat (@ ̄ρ ̄@)


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