Friday, June 07, 2013

Group Therapy

Finally got to hang with my darlings and had lunch with them! 
Sorry noob here, exit from the wrong exit... ╥﹏╥
 So in the end we had a pretty late lunch. heh heh heh (︶︹︺)

Ate @ Group Therapy. 
Location: 49 Duxton Rd  089513

The ambiance was pleasant, it's really chill and nice.
Look something like this

The three photos taken from google search

Eh to be honest I cannot really remember much in their menu (I was hungry ok)
But I know they have a relatively ok amount of choices!
From Breakfast all day to sandwiches, mains, desserts and drinks!

This was what we ordered. 

#1 Smoked salmon sandwich with avocados. 

I ordered this! And to be honest I didn't really like the avocados. They were so hard and raw? Not really the kind I expected. I thought it would be softer like the ones in salads? They serve a side salad and tapioca chips too which was not too bad!

#2 Shepard's pie 

Bev ordered this. I didn't try to no comments but I do know that there are carrots inside so if you don't like carrots (like a certain someone) maybe you try telling them to exclude the carrots!

#3 Honey(?) Ribs with rice

Glenda ordered this! IT IS AMAZING OK! The sauce for the ribs is simply mhmmm mhmmm mhmmm ~ So damn good! I was like dipping my sandwich, avocado, chips in the sauce uh! Sorry Glenda! It was simply too yummy!  ( ̄ー ̄)I don't know whether the rice was nice but Glenda ate all of it so I guess it's not too bad!


More pictures!

Ok guys, my face really needs to maintain the ugliness.
But I would like to say Glenda looks stunning and the VampireBev is forever glowing uh.
This girl ah, so fair. I really like brownie beside her. (´_`。)

Omg she's going to hate me but here's a pic of VampireBev glowing and sparkling. 
Nice uh, I edit the photo eh! 
Give myself a star hehe (⌒▽⌒)☆

And then I proceeded to take lots of ootd shot of myself. 
LOL *narcissistic moment*   (*´_ゝ`)

By the way my RiotLoco package arrived!
YAY! *happy girl doing happy dance*
Go check out their clothes! It's really not bad!
Plus they have daily promotions and new items coming every week (if i'm not wrong)!
Go go check them out now! 
This is not my first time buying from them! 
Should be my second or third buy already! 

Remember this dress? 
It's from them too! 
(Free advertisement from them eh. Hahahah I should like receive my discounts cause I'm helping them promote!)

Okay, that's pretty much all for today! 
Here's a GOMT!
Remember to be kind and love one another! 


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