Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A new year, a new beginning; 2013

Wednesday, 2 January 2013.
It doesn't feel like it's the second day of a new year. But what have I been doing? Anything productive? Anything that would change me to be a better person? Anything useful? No. No I haven't. That's the thing I hate about the new year. You hope that things would be better, would be different, but it isn't. It's still the same. Hopefully after this post, I will do something different (exercise later hopefully), but knowing me and my lazy behaviour, I really doubt it.

A new year huh, I do have new year resolutions. Like every year but the problem is that I don't make an effort to fulfil it. Or even write it down and make sure I follow it. So even if I did accomplish any, I wouldn't have known because I would have long forgotten about my resolutions.

I really hate that about myself. I mean come on Shay, you are turning 20 and what have you accomplish so far in life? Nothing... Nothing at all. You never relive any of your dreams, you never put effort in anything (so far I don't remember any) and you never did something that you are proud of.

I'm sorry this isn't a happy yay yay 2013 woooo~ post. I just need to face reality that I'm not doing anything productive and I have no clue why am I living.

To end off, here are some instagram pictures. Have a great year ahead!

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