Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My insecurities get the best of me.

  • Topshop Topman Fashion Show
  • Ion Orchard
  • 30 September
  • Everyone was glamorous except me.
  • Everyone was pretty except me.
  • Pretty girls, Cute boys.
  • 20% discount
  • I didn't buy anything.
  • FML
  • Really wanted that Misfit jacket, high waisted black shorts and that knitted cardigan 
  • But overall I had fun with honeybb

    Presenting the runway, models and my favourite outfits.
    Due to too many spam photos I took, all epic fail obviously.
    I've decided to choose some of my favourite outfits.
Invitation card
The card they gave to exchange for the invitation card
The crowd of overly stylish people who are all goodlooking
The runway was such a let down. It's pathetic as hell.

Presenting, Topman
(only selected some photos, like my top choices)
This is what my boyfriend should wear.
Something about the colours of the outfit. It's really attractive.
I really like this look among the rest. My top fav.
The brown knitted sweater is my fav too. I really like that colour.
The red is pretty rad too.
I forgot to mention, he is my favourite model. I think you should now why.

 Presenting, Topshop
Opening act. I really like the combination.
Close up. The dress is really pretty.
If you havent't already notice. Thy knitted sweaters are my fav pieices from topshop. I love both the inner and outer pieces!
I wanted to buy the inner sweater. It actually comes with two designs.
This is one of them, another one the exact same pattern but with buttons. So instead of a pull over kinda sweater it's a cardigan design. But it was really pricey. :(
Look at the detail. Simply gorgeous.
I love the blazer. I really like the shade of it.
Anything with visible socks would get my love.
I love the details and colour of the knitted sweater.
The high waisted is really cute up close. You can find it at the boutique section!
Really love the head gear. Too bad Singapore is way to hot to purchase them!
Knitted sweater alert!
I can actually see myself in this outfit.
The jeans look really good too. I saw a salesgirl from topshop wearing it. Really gorgeous on her.
Attention to the stockings. It's a need to get item the next time i shop at topshop!
I can keep going on about the knitted sweaters.
Beautiful prints
I really love the design tee.
Love the whole look. Plus the top is extremely cute.
Really love the top.
This is really amazing. How both looks complement each other. Well done.
Stockings alert!
See how the two looks complement each other. Plus it's my favourite colour to wear.
Sorry bout the over expose lighting.
I really love black dresses. This is one of them with slits at the side.
Elegant. One word
Check out the back of that black dress.

You can find this at the boutique section.
Necklace. Black dress.

To end of this post, here are some miscellaneous pictures.
Oh, and plus my honeybb of course.
I love her lots. 
She's my world. 

Insecurities issue.
I doubt i'll post the other hideous pictures of me.
For the time being, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thank you for taking your time to read it!

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