Friday, October 07, 2011

A day late post.

Let's take a road down memory lane. 
Where I still have my blackest black you can ever see on a girl's hair. 

And now let's welcome my new hair.
I'm super happy about it because it's something unique and the colour turned out to be really nice.
It's red but under the light it looks a little orange?
I still like it though.
My original plan was blue but the hair stylist said that red would look better because when the blue fades it won't look good.
So hello red hair!

 I was supposed to post this yesterday but if some of you might have noticed or read twitter, i fell seriously ill.
Like I started vomitting, diarrhea and i had a fever.
Which was so horrible.
But luckily i'm recovering so you guys don't have to worry that much.
If you guys are even worried.

Hope you like the hair!

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