Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kicking depression away.

Went out with parents again!
Outfit of the day:

The print of my jumper.
So so comfy!

Went to Jurong Point.
Don't really like the place.
But I've got to say they have the most beautiful Starbucks ever.

While waiting for the food

There was more but i love these 2 the most.


My new camera baby:3

Love this more than life.

On the way home.
The moon is so full, so round so beautiful.

Reminded me of someone.
We always thought of each other when we saw the moon.
I wonder if he still thinks of me.
I still remember the silly messages we would sent to one another.
"Hey look out of the window, the moon is beautiful"

Anyway today was kind of tiring.
I had to clean the whole house.
One man show.
Now I know how big my house actually is.
But I also like it.
I get to work my lazy ass.
Need to do this weekly now.
Oh wellz.

Trying to keep myself occupied to stop thinking about sad stuff.
Trying to kick my depression away.
It's hard, but i know I can do it.

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