Monday, June 20, 2011

Just wanted to say, I miss you.

I love you.
Had a mini htht with church bestie Charlene.
Love her to bits.
I know she reads my blog.
This is weird.
So we were talking about first love and stuff.
You know, girls.
So cute right:3

So yeah, was telling her about I...
The nice things he had done.
And then how we suddenly just stopped talking?
Le sigh...

I promised to move on and stuff.
But whenever I talked about him, part of me misses him a little.
Oh well.
We had happy memories.
But the sad ones were._.
Heart breaking.
I promised to move on.

But I really like you.
I really do.
Is he my first love?
I don't know.
But I know I won't ever stop liking him.
Won't ever.

I miss you so much.
But I don't really think of you before I sleep anymore.
I just miss you at times.
But I know you will never ever ever miss me.

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