Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong for standing up to what I believe in?
Honestly, I don't understand why people think being gay is a choice.
Maybe some people are gay to attract attentions whatever.
But think about it,
Why would someone be gay to be ostracize?
Doesn't make any sense.
Many countries still treat gay people like a "freak/weirdo"
So why would someone chose to be treated like this?
You think they don't want to love the opposite sex?
You think they don't want to be treated "normally", like what others view normal is?

But what good does it bring to ACT normal?
To date the opposite sex when deep down inside you, you dislike it.
You dislike holding the opposite sex hand, you dislike kissing them.
And finally you hate yourself.
For not standing up for yourself.
For not believing in who you really are.
You know that by acting normal, you are not being yourself at all.

So now do you really think being gay is a choice?
Because i don't think they wanted to, but they are born this way.
And idgaf on how cheesy this may sound.
But it's fact.

And if gays can treat other people better, with love, even if being ostracize then how more should us "normal" people should treat others?

Think about this.

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