Tuesday, March 01, 2011

You have no idea what is running through my head.

So don't behave like you know me.
Cause you don't even have the slightest clue to who I really am.

I'm just really stressed out.
The papers so far are not as well done as expected.
MAEC was okay, last part singapore economy can totally return it back to my nice econs teacher.
BMGT was suck balls. Yes yes you guys are expecting an "A" for it cause everything you spotted came out. YAY YOU!
Fuck off seriously. People here get "C" can shout hallelujah already. Still can tell me in the face that you sure can get "A", what all the questions you spot came out. Congrats to you for being so fortunate alright, but please stop laughing and mocking at my misery. At least be more sensitive can! HOW WILL YOU FEEL WHEN PEOPLE GLOAT AND BOAST IN FRONT OF YOU! Pissed of right? Now you know how I feel?!

Kthankyouverymuch for making my day so much better.
Seriously for a person with stm I can remember all this mindless shit but not my notes for tmr.

God, I need help. :(

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