Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Im not sure of the signs you are giving me.

I haven't been blogging.
I'm sorry.
Really busy with projects and plain laziness.

Pig me.
Currently having this super pain gastric.
But it's better now cause I ate food.

Ohgawd. I ate food.
I promise JARENCE I cannot do this but I really feel like doing it.
Friendship more important uh.

So anyway I promised to post happy things.
So yeah I went shopping with ESTHER GOH and got my CNY skirt!
I'm so happy about it!
And I bought this really cute bag!
But she said I looked hilarious with it.
Lika small girl.
Retail therapy always makes me happy.
But I feel super broke now.

Anyone wants to sponsor me?

Oh I'm thinking of putting extensions.
What colour do you think would be nice?
I was thinking of PINK.

I got to rush my LMS assignment now.

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