Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's one of this nights.

Feeling like shit right now.
Every song, I swear every song makes me wanna cry.
Every songs make me think of you.
Today is the worst.

I think of you everyday, for maybe a while then I push you away.
Today i think of you the most.
I don't know whyjavascript:void(0).
I really don't know why I cannot let go of you and move on.
It's like you have become a leech you know.
Hooks onto you and wouldn't like go.

My friends all ask me to let you go.
I did.
I did for a point of time.
To let you go and like someone else.
But I slowly found myself comparing him to you,
I found myself slowly running back to you again.

You know how happy I was when we started txting and the speed you replied back.
It was instantly.
It's like you were waiting for my txt.
I thought everything may go back to how it was...
Texting that would last for more than a day.
I guess I was all wrong.

I don't know how to deal with this anymore.
&& I know it well enough it's all over.

It's really over.

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