Saturday, July 24, 2010

I made them proud.

I went back to school yesterday for speech day and award ceremony.
6 distinction award! ^^
Happy ttm.
It's like I finally achieve my goals.

My mum told me she was really proud of me.
To hear it coming out from her mouth is so awesome.
I always wanted to make my parents proud.
To see them smiled so widely and looked so proud of me when I went on stage was something I would trade a million dollars for it.
My mum told me before we left "Thanks for letting me be able to attend speech day for the first time in your years in St Margs"
My mummy is so cute.

I know a million dollars is a lot, but to see my parents so proud of me was the best thing ever.
It's kinda motivational.
A driving force to push me to achieve even more.
I wanna study very hard and continue to make them happy.

Oh and to the school who had educated me.
I won't miss you, but I am grateful for everything you have instilled in me.
I know it sounds a little bullshit and not me.
But it was in my 10 years in St Margs that I get to meet my wonderful friends, lose my best friend, found my best friend again and have some qualities in me that I'm proud of.
And the $25 Kinokuniya discount voucher that you have given me for the 6 distinction I have work like fuck to get it...
I would definitely use it wisely.

I'm a happy girl today.

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