Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It has been a month.

Week 4 of poly life.
What have I got to say?
Well, my poly life has been filled with ups and downs.
There are days when i dread going to school and also days when I love school ttm!
The people there are so awesome too!
Making my life filled with laughters and tears.
I don't mind the bullying actually.
It just shows that we have already treated each other as friends!
Tutorials and Lectures,
well hope they would get better!
Hope I can be smarter too so that I won't feel so stupid in school.
Really feel so dumb sometimes.
No actually all the time!
My vegetarian diet has been going fine!
Meat do tempt me at times,
But i'm determine to stick with the vegetarian diet for a month.
Yes, you heard me!
A month!
Want to see the mustache man?!

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