Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mission trip.

I promised an update in the mission trip.
So I shall keep my promise.

Well, this mission trip was my first mission trip so I wasn't expecting much.
Actually deep down I was very worried because I felt that I wasn't ready enough to do God's word.
I used to not want to go mission trip because I felt that I wasn't ready.
But I really wanted to go now though I still have that feeling.
Well, you can say that I'm taking a leap of faith I guess.

8 days in Banchang change my life.
The people there really love God with all their heart, mind and strength.
I felt really embarrassed when I compared myself to them.
Seeing how they pray, how they worship God and how they lead a christ-like life everyday.
That was really inspiring to me.
They were like my real life role models to follow.

During the mission trip we went to the Church, School, Boys home and Prison.
The Prison experience impacted me the most.
The transformation in them really touch my heart.
All of them are like living examples of how big our God is and that He can do great things!
Really hope I can go back to the Prison again.

Obviously during the mission trip the devil tries to harm us by giving us spiritual attacks.
Yes I did had some.
Was quite emotional during the trip though I didn't really show it out.
I don't think I should say much here.
Later I emoh again.

During the trip I too bonded with the group more especially the guys.
I'm sorry but sometimes I feel I can connect to them better than the girls.
I don't know why.
Yeah, and cause of this there were some comments.
Bond with girls people say I les.
Bond with guys people say I player.
I shall be a loner.

So over all, the trip was good!
I'm inspired to go to more mission trip to help out!
Wish there would be an opportunity soon!

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