Friday, March 19, 2010

Make over.

Should I cut my fringe?
It's so long now.
Or should I just leave it?

Either I do it like Lights.
She's so pretty and her hair is always one of the reason why I want it long.
If I'm a guy,
She would be my biggest crush ever besides Katy Perry.

Or do it like Katy Perry.
Side bangzzz.
Very tempting cause very nice to take zilian pictures.
And totally act like an ah lian and piss all my friends off!
Katy Perry is so hot!
CTI!(Cnt take it!)

Seriously if I was a boy I would bang Katy Perry then have an affair with Lights.
I'm so rubbish.

Back to main point.
Should I leave the fringe or not?!
Help me decide.

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