Saturday, March 20, 2010

I had fun, honestly.

Had church meeting in the afternoon.
Adventure camp debrief.
Well, over all adventure camp was fun!
But i feel that it was not well prepared!
Everyone bonded so I guess is good enough!

Later went to Marina Barrage with Honeybaby and gang.
Shan't be lazy lurh, I should type everyone's name.
& so I went to Marina Barrage with Honeybaby, Brian, Van, Cheyenne, Jolyn.
Played with Kites.
Okay, honestly I thought it was boring.
Me and kites...
I used to play them when I was young.
No wait, correction...
My dad would fly it and I would run behind him.
So in the end I took many photos.
I want a new camera!

Oh oh,
Saw Huifern before I left.
So unexpected!

Went to Cathay watch Remember me.
Beverly and Christian came later.
Can't believe I watch a show with Rob Patt in it.
I didn't mind Twilight or New Moon cause at least had other eye candies.
But this show, don't even have one.
Plus it's not worth spending money to watch it.
It's nice I admit.
But the ending super sad!
Still find the ending super sad.

Went to laselle played "I never" game.
Then went home.
Bus journey home was nice.
Now a days I think I'm starting to like lonely bus rides home.
Can think a lot...

Would anyone remember me when I die?

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