Saturday, August 08, 2009

When loving gets hard.

Give up.
That's what my mind says.
Hang on.
That's what my heart says.

When loving gets hard, I just want to tell you that I like you.
But I'm afraid we won't be friends anymore.

Do you read my blog?
If you do and you are reading this now, don't freak out.

I like you,
I don't know to what extend but I like you.
When I talk to you, you make me forget my worries.
You make me laugh foolishly in front of my computer.
When I found out I can't see you,
I was sad, devastated.
I really want to see your face.
But now, I'm asking myself if I should give you up.
Give up on this cause it's so pointless.
It feels like is going no where.
I hate giving you up, but I don't like the feeling of doing all this for nothing.

Life is difficult, decisions are even worst.

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