Monday, August 10, 2009

So still, so quiet.

No one is at home.
I'm home alone.
Isn't this what I have been wanting?
But I'm not liking it.
I feel so alone.

Mum and Dad is in Malaysia now.
Guess what?
They haven't even call back.
Are they having too much fun there than they have forgotten about me?
Somehow I'm worried that something might happened.
Is like ever since that nightmare I have, I can't seem to worry their safety everyday...

I'm always the forgotten one/always used by people/&& people only need me when they need help.
I'm so pathetic, isn't it?
My whole life?
I sometimes wonder, what is my purpose in life?

Well, I'm not sleeping today.
Planning to study all night.
I hope I can focus.

Let's do a list of things to complete:
1. Social studies(Fall of venice)
2. Geog tb(Chapter 8-10)
3. Bio tb(Chapter 7-11)
4. English CME
5. POA TYS/Working capital
6. Math Ex3, Paper 1

Ohkay, all these should be done by tomorrow noon.
I'm aiming for it.

Tomorrow would probably be a better day.
Studying with Honeybaby than cell group outing.
A happier post should be up tomorrow.

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