Monday, April 06, 2009

Reality hurts.

Because my facade is getting translucent.
Everyone knows how I feel.
That's bad.
Because I'm suppose to look happy.
But I'm not.

Really have to thank God today don't have Geography test.
At last I can leave Mr Geography.
He is kind of getting on my nerves.
With all the facts and case studies to remember.

My nose has been leaking the whole day.
So horrible.
Though I want to be sick.
But I have blowing my nose the whole day.
And it really hurts now.
And you can see that it's red.
Sometimes the pain is nice. But I don't like this one that I'm feeling.

As promise I will blog about Hui Ping.
I love Hui Ping!
She's really cute and funny!
Today during biology, she was falling asleep.
You should have seen how she slept during class.
Totally peaceful.
Like not bothered about whether Miss Poh will catch.
And her head keeps nodding because she did not support it!
Bong Bong Bong!
So cute.
When she woke up she was like "Eh? She got come meh?"(Pointing to Sally)
And I was like "You were sleeping when she came."
And Hui Ping was like "Ohhhhh."
Haha, Hilarious
During Peer Tutoring I was asking her how come thats the answer
And her reasoning is super hilarious!
She was like "Well because this is dominant to this so the ratio this must be more."
The reasoning is totally not correct lorh.
And she make it sounds like is correct.
I actually believe her and explain to Rebekah!
And Rebekah just stare at me blankly.
Gosh, feel so dumb!
And all the while I thought I was correct.
But the reasoning in the end is totally opposite from what Hui Ping told me.
I love Hui Ping!
Can't wait to talk to her more during biology tomorrow!

I found out a big secret.
Gosh, I feel sad for her.
Argh. This is really all my fault.

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