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Hello meowmeows! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ
Before I begin, I would like to apologise for taking so damn long on this blog post. (シ_ _)シ
Like seriously, I went to HK Town in 7 July 2013...
I'm finally blogging about it today.
I am really the,
 Like seriously... I was just too lazy to blog about my really enjoyable and fun experience there. 
Mehhhh sorry (ノ´д`)

So lets start! 
 The day started out beautifully! 
The weather was so nice, the sun was shinning! 
Yeah, I was kinda obsessed with the blue blue sky! 
( ^∇^)

 And here is the pretty girl who went with me to HK town! 
So happy that I went with her! 

 This was like the mini HK cafe! 

 Had to take with the cute sign! 

 Mandatory tourist photo with our tags lol!
Everything also must take photo eh! 

 I hope you have been liking all the photos so far!
Painstakingly edited all of them! 

 The entrance of HK Town! 

 The first kiddish ride we took!
You would have known if you watched my HK Town Part 1 vlog
Tsk, see you never watch. 

Entrance to the Hello Kitty House! 
Really excited! 
There's a living room, kitchen, bathroom, a dressing room and two bedrooms! 
ෆ⃛(ٛ⌯ॢ˃ ɪ ˂ٛ⌯ॢ)

Wall design portraits in the Hello Kitty house! 

 Hello Kitty living room decors!

 Part of the kitchen and some shelves from the living room! 
The vlog part 1 would have more of the kitchen! 

 The very pretty bathroom! 
Look at the walls! It even has Hello Kitty face! 
( ˘ ³˘)❤

In the first bedroom! 

 In the dressing room! 

 Pretty decors in the first bedroom! 

 In the second bedroom which is my favourite actually!
 Loving the details on the mirror! 

Took a perfect shot of Hello Kitty performing lol!

Some snippets of the performance! 
The vlog part 1 would have more on this! 

In the HK Black Wonder game thingy. 
Hahaha, it's quite boring actually but I was excited about all the decors. 
You can watch more about it on my upcoming latest HK Town vlog 2 which would be up soon! 
Watch out for that! 

 The cert they give you when you complete the game haha! 

Jewellery making section!
Free necklace for you! 

Free cookies for you to eat too! 

 Look at excited Huisan! 
Hehehe so cute!

 While waiting to dress up like HK and Pingu! 
We are such a kid! 

 Hello ni hao! 
I can't even! 
This is hilarious!

 Finally Huisan reunited with her favourite Barney! 

Who remembers this cartoon?!
I don't know why I love this cartoon tho! 
So cute! 

 At Angelina's studio lol 
How I wish I can fit into the tutu. 

 Finally at the HK store! 

 Want want want! 
But it was pretty expensive so I didn't buy any of those plushies 

 Overall, the experience was so fun!
We both had so much time and by the end of it we were exhausted!
There were a lot of like "theme parks", really suitable if you are actually a kid. 
Because the theme parks are designed for little kids..
And not big kids like us!
So if you try and play in the theme parks, you would actually have to like "squeeze" into some of the areas and like I think i had back ache the next day lol! 
I really enjoyed my time here and it was like a mini birthday gift for myself. 
Yep, this was last year's birthday trip. 
I'm the best blogger ever. 

Anyway I'm currently uploading part 2 of the HK Town vlogs so I hope you will watch it too! 
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

 To end of, here is more ootd (a yr ago) 

Remember to be kind and love one another! 
( ๑ ᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)ᴖ ᴑ ᴖ๑)❣

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