Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday wish list (Updated: 9 June 2014)

Hey meowmeows!
How are you guys doing?

It's that time again when I become snobbish and post my birthday wish list expecting people to buy my a gift!
Yay to that! 

No but on a serious note: 
If you guys cannot afford to buy me these then anything is fine.
Really, the thought counts. 
For you to remember my birthday and even put in effort to buy me something means so much to me. 
I don't care if it's just a card or something you made yourself. 
Thanks for remembering my birthday. 
Anyway, lets just go straight to the point. 
Some stuff are lets put it, expensive and that's why it's a wish list. 
I know I won't get it. 
But here goes: 
(Oh yah some of the items have the links!) 

1. Clarissa (I'm a size 5)

2. Cleo (I'm a size 5) 

3. Delila (I'm a size 5)
Or technically any Chelsea boots, because I'm obsessed with boots/chunky heeled boots now.

1,2,3: photo credited by and
4. Chloe perfum
I'm a fan of the original smell. 

5. Marc Jacobs Daisy 
Daisy is still my favourite out of the whole collection 

4,5: photo credited by

Or generally any black bag that looks like this. I really need a black bag.

7. Bucket bag (In black please)
No idea why but I've been obsessing over this for ages.
Actually any bags you think would fit my style or I would like! Need to buy proper bags now instead of my countless of tote bags (if you know me you know what I'm talking about, those cheap $2 cotton on ones/topshop/diy that i made) 

Really like the dark brown one! 

Currently i owned #05 and I loved it! But sadly it's finishing so I wanted to buy more and this time different colours! 
I'm going to be greedy and asked for all hehe though I also would love to have #05 again!

6,7,8,9: photo credited by 

10: Red lipsticks. (I would love the ysl or chanel red but haha dreams)
I love myself some red lipsticks please. 
The darker and redder the better. 
I don't really like shine/glossy lipsticks. 
Preferably matte! 

Currently have obsession over sunglasses!
Especially those heart shaped metal ones, or those decked with flowers around the rings! 
Any type will do actually! 
Those cheap ones at fleas are really nice too! 

I want many many! 
Lol, but these Adventure time ones have been in my cart for ages!

11,12: photo credited by

The bigger, the better. 
I love them blings and colourful. 
Or generally loving gold tones too!

13: photo credited by 
14. Samsung NX mini (definitely the pink one!)
Well, obviously eyeing this camera for the selfie features 

14: photo credited by 

Hi guys, I'm updating my wish list hehehe...
So here goes,

15. Black Flat Sandals (I'm a 35/36)

16. T Bar Flats (I'm a 35/36)

 17. Trapeze Handbag (Would love something small too)

15, 16, 17: photo credited by

18. Boots with silver buckles (I'm a 35/36)

 19. Black Chunky Heels (I'm a 35/36)

20. White Chunky Heels (I'm a 35/36)

20, 21: photo credited by

21. MONEY 
In all honesty, if you really don't know what to give me then money would do actually. I rather you give me money then buy me something you think I like but actually I wouldn't use and it would result in you wasting your money.

I guess that's it for now! 
Haha, that's all I could think of anyway. 

Please don't feel obligated to get something you cannot afford. 

All I want for my birthday honestly is to spend it with people whom I love and have one way or another impacted my life. 
That's all I ever want. 

So yeah, please continue to love and be kind to one another! 

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