Monday, June 03, 2013

Broke A$$ Kid.

So broke that I can't even afford a drink so I only asked for water (and stayed in Starbucks ever since) ( ̄▽ ̄)

LOL I'm kidding guys... Gosh! I bought granola but didn't manage to take a photo of it because I was too hungry! Hehe I recommend the granola with cold milk if you want something filling, healthy and inexpensive ($3.90)! 

So anyway after tuition (cheat my feelings, at first I thought I could rest for 2 weeks because the daughter was going to her grandma's house... guess not), I went to look for my favourite Huisan at our favourite Starbucks! 

We chilled, talked about random stuff, went a little crazy at the grocery stall looking at food and drinks and even indulged in chips and chicken wings (ok now that I mentioned it, I'm so guilty)! BUT NONETHELESS I HAD FUN HANGING OUT WITH THIS PRETTY GIRL!  *\(^o^)/*

See we can not be talking right now and doing our own stuff (like she's reading her mag and I'm blogging!) but it's not awkward at all! Hell yeah! Love hanging out with people like this! 

Anyway I spend time reading a few articles from Frankie (yes ultra slow reader here, still halfway through it) and 

I super recommend people to read the articles posted there! Sorry I know I'm so slow, only started reading it recently but I'm so glad I started! They have really good articles! Some articles are so spot on, immensely touched my heart and triggered so much thoughts in my head! If you need some food for your dying soul then I would definitely suggest thoughtcatalog (but pls don't be dumb and read articles that doesn't interest you or whatsoever.) 

Anyway I'm really glad I get to blog today and it wasn't something depressing or dark! YAY *victory dance*

So ya, here's a photo of me today for you guys! 
Should acronym that: POMT! 
Sorry I look like shit, bare minimal make up and tired look Monday! (。-_-。)

(Might do a Monday recommended song of the week later when I'm home! Be excited! I heard it in Starbucks just now!) 


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