Thursday, November 24, 2011

I envy

Photo taken from tumblr.

I envy old couples.
To spend 50 or more years with that one person you love so much.
So precious.
I know how some people feel that you will get bored of your partner, or how your love for them will fade.
To that I say you have married the wrong person.
Honestly, true love never dies.
No matter how long you guys are together, the love won't die.
I honestly believe that it won't die.
To be able to fall in love with him again everyday, it's such a wonderful feeling.
I envy old couples.
To be able to wake up in the morning and see your partner's face.
To see him sleeping so peacefully next to you.
To fall in love with that face over and over again.
And no matter how many wrinkles he has on his face,
How he has aged over the years, or that his face has crinkled, skin has sagged... 
You would still think he is the most beautiful being ever.

This is love.
I want love like this.
But I don't believe it will ever happen.

So to those out there who has a partner, treasure them.
Tell them you love them everyday.
Tell them how you fall for them everyday.
 And if your really love him/her with all your heart, no one would be able to come between you guys.
So why worry about another party, when you know that you guys love each other?

And even if someone did come between you guys,
Yes it's that person's fault for coming between.
But it's also your partner's fault. (whoever the in between belongs to. lol)
It just shows that your love for him, isn't really love.

Because when you have the best, the rest are just substitutes.

You get what I mean?

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