Monday, November 28, 2011

Have you ever.

Who the fuck needs them? 
Have you ever felt that way.

I have, all the time.
What for have friends, when none of them understands you.
None of them is willing to care for you.
Care, and not curious.
What for have them? 
When you still feel lonely even when you are around them?

Have you ever felt as if you are the one putting in effort in the friendship but the other party isn't?
I know I can't be selfish.
They probably have a life, busy with their life.
Unlike me, always all alone.
But I'm human afterall right?
Can't I feel this way?
That I'm always the one texting people first, always the one asking people out.
When will people ever want to text me first, or even ask me out first?
So if I don't do these, I'm simply non existent to anybody right?
No one will remember me right?
Very well.

Anyway the world revolves with or without me.
And at this point of time, i'm just emotionally very tired.
I just want to be with myself and myself only.
I don't want to text anyone or to go out with anyone unless you guys ask me to.

I just want to know how important I am in your life.

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