Monday, October 03, 2011

Breaking point.

I knew it's too good to be true.
How I'm not depressed for that long.
How I didn't really show much sadness when I receive my results.
How I didn't cry when I saw you that day.
How I was so strong and smiled it off thinking "I don't give a fuck"
I knew it. I knew this day would come.

I'm feeling miserable as fuck.
Like all my pent up true emotions are slowly but surely releasing.
I'm scared.
I need someone there to tell me everything would be fine.

I can't take all this emotions.
Not all at one time at least.
Please emotions, please go easy on me.

I feel horrible, I feel alone.
I'm scared of facing this world alone.
I wanna sleep but my mind is still active though I'm emotionally drain.

I. Just. Want. To. Feel. Numb. Again.

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