Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update on my life.

So I went out with John on Wednesday ^^
And I had so much fun. Honestly.
Though we don't meet often, I love it that we can talk about anything and everything.
Our talking sessions are always like a mini heart to heart talk.
I really like heart to heart talk to people I can trust and love dearly!

So we went to watch Johnny English.
Not really a big fan of him, but yeah I have to admit I did laugh @ some parts!

That was basically Wednesday~~~~

Then on thursday I had work an have fun! I love working with Jenny!
Feels like I can talk to her about anything and everything too!
And I love how it isn't awkward. Like even when there are times we won't talk. It wouldn't be awkward! :)
But I'm kind of a little sad that she's leaving already:'(
One less fun person to work with!

Oh oh! Before I forget, I saw LUDACRIS and SNOOP DOG while working!!!!
How awesomely cool is that!
Sadly we didn't really take pictures with them!

I also saw JASON from the show on the fringe!!!!!
Ohmygawd I can't emphasize on the point that he is a major cutie!!!!
I always love him in the show!
(photos will be uploaded once I get my hands on them)

Lastly I went out with my beloved honeybb for some flea shopping!!!!
Ohmygawd I really love flea shopping with her! Can get to buy so much clothes for such affordable price!!!
I bought a totally of 8 items for only $52!
So I basically spent most o my first pay on shopping and treating my parents to diner!
Never even save a penny!

Shit uh.
Really need to shop less but I've got so much things I want!
Shall make a list soon so I can work towards it!

(Sorry for not much photos! Blogging through my itouch, waiting for char to finish studying!)

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