Wednesday, September 21, 2011


(unedited ugly as hell me. have i scared you yet?)
Wanted to start of with some emo shit about how bad i look and how unfair this world is.
But I stopped myself.

I mean cause everyone is experiencing it.
I'm not the only one facing my demons.
Everyone has demons and battles to fight too.

And mine might be so insignificant compared to theirs.
But still we are human after all.
This feelings are hard to defeat, especially when you experience them every single day.

So oh well, I won't say just "dgaf" cause it's hard too.
And definitely won't say just be happy because if you can't change it then there is no point being sad because I should be the first person to know that that is ultimate bullshit.

I'm not an optimistic person.
You know that.
I'm pessimistic as hell in terms of certain things.

So i'll just say for now, just live on.
Killing myself now might not be the best alternative i guess.

By the way I'm meeting John tmr.
So happy. Long time never see him.
Hope he is doing fine! 

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