Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Why do you have to be SO mean?

I really don't want to talk about this.
But I felt like I have to.

First of all, I would like to say I am mean too.
I do things that hurt people, I insult people.
But then again, I know there is a limit.
I try, by all means to respect the limits.

However some people don't.
I can list down so many examples, but then this post would be so so long.

Why is it so hard to compliment people?
I was watching this video of a girl singing.
Her voice was great, however the top comment of the video left me so disappointed.
Not in her, in those viewers.
Yes you can point out she is monotone (not to me obviously).
But can't you do it in a nice way.
Guess what?
The second most like comment was this person commenting
If i didn't rmb wrongly it was all in caps.
How fuck is that?
Can you imagine if she had low self esteem and she saw that.
How will she react?
Thank God she doesn't have and she's still making videos.
How mean can you get.
I do respect the most like comment. At least the person make an effort to say it nicely.
But honestly I don't find her singing monotone.

When people becomes famous on social network.
You've got an increase number of "fans" as well as "haters"
Now now, I'm not saying it's wrong to hate people.
Don't get me wrong.
I hate, dislike some famous people too.
Like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.
Yes I don't like them and I do make fun of them.
Okay, I have seen lots of @reply to Selena Gomez to go and die and shit just cause she's dating Justin Bieber.
Like damn gurl, is not like Justin would EVER fall for you,
so calm down your PUNY TITS (guessing that most of these "fans" are around 12).
Seriously, I don't exactly LOVE Selena and Justin together.
But I don't wish Selena was dead.
And thank God this girl is strong too.
Do you know to be able to live on and continue dating Justin is a very remarkable thing.
Shows that she doesn't give a fuck and is a very strong person.

There is a difference you know.
I don't know whether I'm getting my point clear.
I mean it's okay to be mean.
Come on.
Im one of the meanest person you will ever meet.
But I never wish someone was dead (those who doesn't do me harm or have no r/s with me what so ever)
That is just plain nasty.
Yes yes, sometimes I might have wish them dead,
And sometimes comments people make are really...

I don't want to point fingers, cause I'm in no position to judge.
But if you want this world to be a nicer place to live in,
People should literally be nicer.

And since i'm saying it.
From today onwards, i'm going to be nicer to everyone.
Yes, I'm going to try at least.
This would be a promise I make to myself.

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