Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sorry for the exposure.

Outfit for Friday:

Outfit for Saturday:

Summing up my friday and saturday in three words.
Glad I spent it with people I love.

Friday I went out lunch with my mother during lunch break.
She's so cute.
Presenting Thy Mother!

Lol. Bored face.
Waited so long for the foood.

Ate at Thai Express.
Starting to really like this place

Mum's food. Doesn't look appetizing but don't be fooled by the looks!

Side track:
Look at that!
That's how much stapler bullets I have to take out.

My mum's colleague surprised me with a birthday cake!
Damn yummy!
Mango Ice cream cake from Swensen!

Celebrated my birthday and another colleague cause we have the same birthday!

After work, I went out to ton with Charlene.
At changi airport!
Have reason okay, cause we wanted to go to mega flea.
Why are we so retarded!
Anyway we drank starbucks venti.
That made us, especially me very high.
Seriously I started tweeting weird stuff and making weird sounds

Evidence of out ultra highness.
More on facebook!

I braided my hair!
So pretty!
I don't know if you can see,
But it's from the top to the bottom.
I'm so happy!
*i know there is cleavage. I'm sorry okay, I like my assets, i'm showing it off*

That's basically from friday night to saturday around 8-9am?
Then went to expo, I bought like 2 dresses!
So many new clothes!
Then went home sleep, woke up late, was late for dinner date with cousies and queenie.
Felt so bad.
Then went to new F21 with Queenie and window shop.
So sad can't get anything.
Oh wells.
Saw someone's family...
Bad memories...

Friday and Saturday have been not too bad.
Hope Sunday would be, well, good too.
Sundays ain't the best days for me.

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