Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 hours of pleasure with Alexander

Today marks the day where I dedicate my day to help my mum.
From 9 i think till 5?
I have been shredding paper.
And just shredding paper.
Pure suicide man.
I almost fell asleep while shredding them.

Shoes of the day!

Outfit of the day:

This is the machine I have bonded with.
Ain't it a beauty.
I called it.
Cause I think guy with that name is pretty hot.
So meet Alexander the shredder machine.
Better don't mess with him uh.

The amount of stapler bullets I have to manually pull out.
This is only like two ring files worth.
I had 16 ring files to complete.
With the help of that bullet remover tool obviously.
But my hand still hurts.

Four huge ring files, filled right to the brim I swear completed before lunch.
12 more to go.
Dear Lord, save me.

Two filled garbage bag.
The babies me and Alexandre produced.
I'm sorry, I think my brain is kinda fuck by this whole process.
I can't think straight right now.

How the files looked like.
Filled to the brim eh.

Total stapler bullets collected from 16 files.
My hand by now is totally "nua" already.

Supposed to have 6 bags in total of babies produced.
But the worker went to throw 2 bags away.
Sadly no family photo.

This is definitely not fun.
But it's better than not doing anything and just stonning at home.
I still have probably 10 more files waiting for me tomorrow.
Oh man.
8 more hours with Alexander.
I can't wait.


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