Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A song that reminds me of you.

I never wanted everything to end this way,
But you can take the bluest sky and turn it grey.
I swore to you that I would do my best to change,
But you said it don't matter,
I'm looking at you from another point of view,
I don't know how the hell I fell in love with you,
I'd never wish for anyone to feel the way I do.

i miss this Polaroid.
I honestly do.
It's no longer with me anymore.
Someone took it away.
I don't love this picture. Because it shows the distant between us.
It sort of mark the beginning when we started drifting too.
Why did all this have to end like this.
I really don't understand.
I still like you, i probably still will till I die.
But i hate you too.
I hate you a lot.
So I guess this post would mark the end of everything.
I'm not going to try to contact you or anything.
If you want you could. but im never going to be the first one to start.
Not anymore.

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